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Trivia Quiz - The Reality Bug Quiz

This quiz is about the book "The Reality Bug" by D.J. MacHale.

Quiz Number: 4073
Date Submitted: September 18, 2011
Quiz Categories: Fiction Books
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bbdd411
Average Score: 68.8 percent
Times Taken: 16 times
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The Reality Bug Quiz
(Image Source: The Reality Bug @ Tower Books)

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1. What is not a word specific to Veelox?
  A.   Gloid
  B.   Flume
  C.   Lifelight
  D.   Vedders

2. Which of the following is a problem in lifelight?
  A.   People dying
  B.   System crashes
  C.   Earthquakes
  D.   Poorly trained staff

3. What is the name of the code Aja needs to purge the reality bug?
  A.   Original Code
  B.   Ordered Code
  C.   Optical Code
  D.   Origin Code

4. Who does Bobby choose to come with him to find Dr. Zetlin?
  A.   Alder
  B.   Loor
  C.   Gunny
  D.   Spader

5. What does Mark encounter at the Sherwood house?
  A.   Evangeline
  B.   Dogs
  C.   Quigs
  D.   Both B&C

6. What is wrong with the Reality Bug?
  A.   It is too strong
  B.   It doesn't work
  C.   It is too weak
  D.   It is briken by Saint Dane

7. What is Dr. Zetlin's fantasy about?
  A.   Escaping from life
  B.   Reliving his childhood
  C.   Inventing airplanes
  D.   Both A&B

8. What is the nature of the code Aja needs to purge the reality bug?
  A.   A complex string of numbers
  B.   A voice command
  C.   23243003998803
  D.   0

9. Which traveler stays on Veelox?
  A.   Bobby
  B.   Gunny
  C.   Loor
  D.   Aja

10. What happens after the defeat on Veelox?
  A.   Travelers can't use the flumes
  B.   Acolytes can use the flumes
  C.   Second Earth disappears
  D.   Both A&B®   

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