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Trivia Quiz - Isaac Newton - Scientific Genius

The story of the man with a mind like no other - Isaac Newton.

Quiz Number: 4080
Date Submitted: September 22, 2011
Quiz Categories: Scientists, British History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Isaac Newton

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Isaac Newton  Scientific Genius
(Image Source: Isaac Newton Public Domain Photo)

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1. Isaac Newton's father died before he was born in 1642. Who raised Newton?
  A.   maternal grandfather
  B.   paternal grandfather
  C.   maternal grandmother
  D.   maternal aunt

2. Isaac Newton studied at which famous educational institution?
  A.   Cambridge University
  B.   Greenwich Observatory
  C.   Royal Society
  D.   Oxford University

3. At what age had Isaac Newton practically formulated his laws on gravitational theory?
  A.   23
  B.   27
  C.   33
  D.   35

4. Which branch of mathematics did Isaac Newton develop?
  A.   trigonometry
  B.   algebra
  C.   computational theory
  D.   calculus

5. What commonplace scientific discovery did Isaac Newton make in 1666?
  A.   magnetic poles
  B.   surface tension of water
  C.   white light spectrum
  D.   air pressure

6. What scientific aid did Isaac Newton devise in 1668?
  A.   sextant
  B.   reflecting telescope
  C.   ship's chronometer
  D.   refracting telescope

7. By what age had Isaac Newton made most of his discoveries?
  A.   30
  B.   40
  C.   50
  D.   55

8. Which famous British scientist was a friend and advisor of Isaac Newton?
  A.   Michael Faraday
  B.   Edmond Halley
  C.   William Herschel
  D.   John Flamsteed

9. Isaac Newton's greatest work, explaining the laws of physical motion is commonly known by what Latin name?
  A.   Mathematica
  B.   Principia
  C.   Naturalis
  D.   Philosophiae

10. To which brand of superstition was Isaac Newton a devotee?
  A.   witchcraft
  B.   spiritualism
  C.   fortune telling
  D.   alchemy®   

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