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Trivia Quiz - James Watt - Engineer!

James Watt was one of the heroes of the Industrial Revolution. Do you know how most of the electricity gets generated? - turbine power to your laptop!

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Date Submitted: October 05, 2011
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Author: patrickryan
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Quiz is about: James Watt

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James Watt  Engineer
(Image Source: James Watt @ wikipedia)

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1. For what famous university was Watt working when he began experimenting with steam engines?
  A.   Harvard University
  B.   University of London
  C.   University of Edinburgh
  D.   University of Glasgow

2. What was Watt doing for a living when he became interested in steam as a prime mover?
  A.   gas blower
  B.   instrument maker
  C.   miner
  D.   professor

3. Watt worked on the Newcomen steam engines and discovered they wasted a lot of energy, leading him to look at alternative methods. How much heat from the steam was being wasted?
  A.   one quarter
  B.   half
  C.   three quarters
  D.   ninety percent

4. What was Watt's critical insight to boost steam turbine efficiencies?
  A.   superheat the steam
  B.   maintain the temperature of the cylinder
  C.   burn oil versus coal
  D.   cool the cylinder prior to each cycle

5. Which one of the following was a problem Watt experienced commercially producing his improved steam engine?
  A.   finding machinists of sufficient skill to produce the fine tolerances needed.
  B.   finding a draftsman to put Watt's ideas into detailed plans.
  C.   overcome thievery by greedy relatives.
  D.   changing the guild laws, that restricted operating a manufacturing site in Scotland.

6. Where did Watt find skilled mechanics to build an improved cylinder and piston?
  A.   a cannon manufacturer
  B.   from local blacksmith shops
  C.   local glassblower shops
  D.   a sword maker from Japan

7. Why did Watt's native land need steam engines?
  A.   to drive generators
  B.   to drive water pumps
  C.   to power ships
  D.   to move locamotives

8. Aside from working steam engines, Watt also invented a sucessful method of what?
  A.   copying documents mechanically.
  B.   flying using semi-rigid balloons.
  C.   submersible ships, with limited duration.
  D.   an automatic rifle.

9. Why did James Watt limit his machinery to the use of low pressure steam?
  A.   To prevent thermal burns to employees when operating steam engines
  B.   To prevent boiler explosions as boiler materials were unreliable
  C.   Watt felt low pressure steam was more efficient than high pressure steam for reciprocating equipment
  D.   To limit corrosion on moving parts

10. What was one of the inventions Watt was most proud?
  A.   A co-ordinated phosphate chemistry system for his steam engines
  B.   Parallel motion allowing for double acting engines
  C.   Single acting pistons which provided uniform torque over a wide range of applications and speeds
  D.   High pressure steam engines to drive locomotives.®   

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