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Trivia Quiz - George Dewey - US Admiral

Questions about the life, career and family of U.S. Navy admiral George Dewey.

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Date Submitted: October 12, 2011
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Quiz is about: George Dewey

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George Dewey  US Admiral
(Image Source: George Dewey Public Domain Photo)

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1. George Dewey is best known for his naval victory at the Battle of ________ Bay.
  A.   Guantanamo
  B.   Havana
  C.   Manila
  D.   Boston

2. George Dewey is the only person in US history to attain the rank of ______________ .
  A.   Admiral of the Navy.
  B.   Admiral of the Navy and General of the USMC.
  C.   Admiral of the Navy and General of the US Airforce.
  D.   Admiral of the Navy and General of the US Army.

3. In what state was George Dewey born?
  A.   Vermont
  B.   New Hampshire
  C.   Maine
  D.   California

4. Where did George Dewey matriculate from college?
  A.   He didn't attend college.
  B.   US Naval Academy.
  C.   Harvard.
  D.   Yale.

5. As midshipman, George Dewey first took a practice cruise in the ship "Saratoga" and here he earned recognition as a cadet officer. As a result, he was assigned to one of the best ships of the old navy — the steam frigate _________.
  A.   USS Enterprise
  B.   USS Nimitiz
  C.   USS Wabash
  D.   USS Nautilus

6. As Executive Officer on the USS Mississippi, George Dewey distinguished himself as his ship chased what ironclad Confederate ship agrounded?
  A.   USS Alabama
  B.   CSS Monitor
  C.   CSS Virginia
  D.   CSS Manassas

7. What was Dewey's first command; earned through gallantry in a small battle on the Mississippi River?
  A.   USS Monongahela
  B.   USS Monitor
  C.   USS Farragut
  D.   USS New York

8. After the Civil War, what was George Dewey's rank?
  A.   Admiral
  B.   Lt. Commander
  C.   Commander
  D.   Captain

9. In 1884, George Dewey was in command of the USS Dolphin which aside being one of the first modern US Navy ships, was also used as . . .
  A.   the president's yacht.
  B.   as a stealth platform for landing marines in Mexico.
  C.   as a test platform for new weapons.
  D.   a training ship for Naval Academy students.

10. What famous words did George Dewey utter in Manila Bay, bringing him enduring fame?
  A.   Don't give up the ship!
  B.   We have met the enemy, and he is ours.
  C.   You may fire when you are ready, Gridley.
  D.   I have not yet begun to fight.®   

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