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Trivia Quiz - Casanova - Famous Lover

A quiz on the man whose name has become a byword for amorous adventures, Giacomo Casanova.

Quiz Number: 4139
Date Submitted: November 06, 2011
Quiz Categories: Italian History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
Average Score: 38.5 percent
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Quiz is about: Giacomo Casanova

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Casanova  Famous Lover
(Image Source: Giacomo Casanova image credit to Adriano C.)

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1. In which Italian city was Casanova born in 1725, living the majority of his life there?
  A.   Venice
  B.   Rome
  C.   Milan
  D.   Florence

2. Apart from being a very busy pursuer of women, what was Casanova's main occupation?
  A.   musician
  B.   writer
  C.   actor
  D.   doctor

3. What religion did Casanova profess to be?
  A.   Roman Catholic
  B.   Agnostic
  C.   Unitarian
  D.   Lutheran

4. Approximately how many women did Casanova reputedly seduce?
  A.   20,000
  B.   5,000
  C.   10,000
  D.   15,000

5. With which famous 18th Century figure did Casanova have an affair?
  A.   Mary Shelley
  B.   Catherine the Great
  C.   Marie Antoinette
  D.   Emma Hamilton

6. Casanova was repeatedly jailed for what reason?
  A.   Being a debtor
  B.   Unlawful sexual relations
  C.   Blasphemy
  D.   Moral danger charges

7. What money making venture did Casanova operate for the French government?
  A.   Nationwide semaphore communication system
  B.   Chief customs inspector for all ports
  C.   A system of toll roads throughout Paris
  D.   National lottery

8. Always with an eye to achieving royal favor, which of the following 18th Century monarchs did Casanova not meet?
  A.   Charles II
  B.   Catherine the Great
  C.   Frederick the Great
  D.   George III

9. What special dispensation did Casanova receive from Pope Benedict XIV?
  A.   He had an early marriage annulled
  B.   Permission to frequent nunneries
  C.   Approval to eat meat on Fridays
  D.   Permission to marry a 14 year old girl.

10. Before his death in 1798, what sedate profession did Casanova practice, one at odds with his philandering image?
  A.   court recorder
  B.   librarian
  C.   accountant
  D.   gardener®   

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