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Trivia Quiz - Edward Butch O'Hare: US Military Hero

Lieutenant Commander Edward Henry “Butch” O’Hare (March 13, 1914 – November 26, 1943) was an Irish-American naval aviator of the United States Navy who, on February 20, 1942, became the U.S. Navy's first flying ace and Medal of Honor recipient in

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Date Submitted: November 17, 2011
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Edward Butch OHare US Military Hero
(Image Source: Edward Butch O'Hare Public Domain Photo)

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1. Orchard Depot Airport was re-named for O'Hare in the 1940s; where is the airport?
  A.   New York City
  B.   Chicago
  C.   Miramar
  D.   Guadalcanal

2. What famous gangster probably ordered Butch O'Hare's father's death?
  A.   Al Capone
  B.   Machinegun Kelly
  C.   Lucky Luciano
  D.   Gino Santangelo

3. O'Hare was assigned to the USS Saratoga in January of 1942; why was he transfered to the USS Lexington?
  A.   O'Hare assaulted his enlisted crew chief.
  B.   The Saratoga caught fire after a plane crash, and was scuttled.
  C.   O'Hare did not get along with his Commanding Officer and requested a transfer.
  D.   The USS Saratoga was torpedoed and went into a shipyard.

4. How many Japanese bombers did O'Hare single-handedly shoot down when protecting the USS Lexington?
  A.   2
  B.   3
  C.   4
  D.   5

5. What aviation first was O'Hare leading on his first mission?
  A.   A fighter attack using night vision goggles.
  B.   A Navy fighter attack on Japanese tanks on Okinawa.
  C.   A fighter attack on surfaced submarines in a Japanese Harbor.
  D.   A night time fighter attack from a aircraft carrier

6. What 'lame turkey' plane did O'Hare use for command and control as CAG, for the planes communication gear and crewmen?
  A.   Torpedo Bomber Avenger (TBM-1)
  B.   Carrier Transport (RD-4)
  C.   Wildcat Fighter (F6F)
  D.   Liberator (B-26)

7. Which famous aircraft carrier had O'Hare embarked on as CAG (Commander Air Group)?
  A.   USS Saratoga
  B.   USS Enterprise
  C.   USS Lexington
  D.   USS Nimitz

8. What is the most likely cause for O'Hare's crash and disappearance?
  A.   He was shot down by a Betty bomber.
  B.   He flew too high, and succumbed to hypoxia.
  C.   Bad AvGas - many of the planes in his flight crashed when the engines quit.
  D.   His navigation system failed; he could not find his carrier and ran out of fuel.

9. O'Hare requested persmission from Admiral Radford to use a fighter as a command and control aircraft. What type of plane did he chose?
  A.   Brewster Buffalo
  B.   Wildcat
  C.   Hellcat
  D.   Corsair

10. Who awarded the Medal of Honor on Butch O'Hare?
  A.   Frank Knox, Secretary of the Navy
  B.   President Franklin Roosevelt
  C.   Vice President Wallace
  D.   President Truman®   

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