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Trivia Quiz - Douglas MacArthur: General of the Army - Part Two

A quiz about Douglas MacArthur.

Quiz Number: 4162
Date Submitted: November 26, 2011
Quiz Categories: World War II, American Military
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: patrickryan
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Quiz is about: Douglas MacArthur

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Douglas MacArthur General of the Army  Part Two
(Image Source: Public Domain Photo of Douglas MacArthur)

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1. MaArthur assumed command of the III Corps area in Maryland in 1925, and received military orders he called, "one of the most distasteful orders I ever received." What court-martial did he attend?
  A.   The Congressional persecution of Postmaster General Walter Folger Brown.
  B.   Providing testimony against the Teapot Dome 3 leading to convictions.
  C.   Private Eddie Slovik execution.
  D.   Brigadier General Billy Mitchell conviction.

2. MacArthur was unpopular with the FD Roosevelt administration. Why?
  A.   MacArthur was having an affair with a Eurasian woman.
  B.   MacArthur was highly critical of pacificism and isolationism.
  C.   MacArthur was publically critical of FDRs affairs.
  D.   MacArthur wanted to use nuclear weapons on Japan.

3. In 1935, MacArthur completed his extended tour of duty as the Chief of Staff of the US Army. What was his next billet?
  A.   US Senator from Texas
  B.   Commander-in-Chief of the US Forces in the Pacific
  C.   MacArthur retired, and lived in NYC.
  D.   Field Marshal of the Philippine Army

4. In preparation for war with Japan, MacArthur was:
  A.   Recalled to Washington, DC.
  B.   Retired, after his dislike for General Eisenhower.
  C.   Named commander of U.S. Army Forces in the Far East, and promoted.
  D.   Re-inforced in the Phillipines, blunting the Japanese ardor for war.

5. When the Japanese attacked US and Philipine Forces in December of 1941, MacArthur did not inform Admiral Thomas C. Hart, commanding the Asiatic Fleet. This resulted in what?
  A.   The destruction of valuable war material to prevent capture.
  B.   The sinking of the Philipine fleet.
  C.   The capture of three destroyers and the destruction of an aircraft carrier.
  D.   The loss of the code machines, giviing the Japanese a strategic advantage.

6. In January 1942, MacArthur was paid by the Philippine President for his service to the Phillippines. How much did he receive?
  A.   $10,000
  B.   $50,000
  C.   $100,000
  D.   $500,000

7. What medal was MacArthur awarded for his defense of the Philippines?
  A.   Army Distinguishes Service Medal.
  B.   The Army Acheivement Medal
  C.   The Medal of Honor
  D.   The Silver Star - seventh award.

8. MacArthur returned to the Philippines in 1944 as promised. He was promoted to what rank late in 1944?
  A.   Lieutentant General
  B.   Major General
  C.   Colonel General
  D.   General of the Army

9. On what ship did MacArthur accept the formal surrender of Japan?
  A.   USS Enterprise.
  B.   USS Missouri.
  C.   USS Arizona.
  D.   USS Texas.

10. How long was MacArthur on active duty when Truman fired him?
  A.   42 years.
  B.   45 years.
  C.   52 years.
  D.   55 years®   

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