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Trivia Quiz - Baseball Players' Nicknames

Which baseball players were known by these nicknames?

Quiz Number: 4208
Date Submitted: December 21, 2011
Quiz Categories: Sports
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Baseball Players Nicknames
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1. Charlie Hustle
  A.   Rickey Henderson
  B.   Pete Rose
  C.   Roberto Clemente
  D.   Stan Musiel

2. The Cobra
  A.   Dave Parker
  B.   Omar Moreno
  C.   Willie Stargill
  D.   Mike Schmidt

3. Big Papi
  A.   Willie Stargill
  B.   Cecil Fielder
  C.   Mickey Mantle
  D.   David Oriz

4. The Byrd
  A.   Mark Fydrich
  B.   Robin Roberts
  C.   Turk Wendell
  D.   David Cone

5. Pops
  A.   Willie Stargill
  B.   Reggie Jackson
  C.   Whitey Herzog
  D.   Don Zimmer

6. The Mad Hungarian
  A.   Bert Byleven
  B.   Manny Sarmiento
  C.   Kent Tekulve
  D.   Al Hrabrosky

7. The Candy Man
  A.   John Candelaria
  B.   Darrly Strawberry
  C.   Candy Moldanaldo
  D.   Chet Lemon

8. The Hawk
  A.   Tim Raines
  B.   Andre Dawson
  C.   Ellis Valentine
  D.   Tony Perez

9. The Sultan of Swat
  A.   Roger Maris
  B.   Mickey Mantle
  C.   Babe Ruth
  D.   Joe DiMagiio

10. Spuds
  A.   Manny Trillo
  B.   Kevin Mitchell
  C.   Chris Sabo
  D.   Phil Garner®   

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