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Trivia Quiz - Kennedy Family Tragedies: Part 2

A quiz on "The Kennedy Curse." Fact or Fiction?

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Date Submitted: December 28, 2011
Quiz Categories: American History
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: patrickryan
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Kennedy Family Tragedies Part 2
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1. Rosemary Kennedy was thought to be mentally challenged. What worsened this condition?
  A.   An injury caused by a car accident - she was riding with Ted who was drunk.
  B.   Her father arranged a lobotomy following which she was institutionalized.
  C.   She was raped in a home for mentally institutionalized people, becoming further withdrawn.
  D.   She almost drowned when swimming with her brothers at Hyannis Port.

2. Joseph Kennedy Jr died during WWII. What US politician's son witnessed his death?
  A.   Elliot Roosevelt
  B.   Franklin Roosevelt Jr.
  C.   Kermit Roosevelt
  D.   Harry Truman, Jr.

3. Kathleen 'Kick' Kennedy Cavendish died in a plane accident over France. Why did only one of her siblings attend her wedding during WWII?
  A.   He husband was Protestant, and her mother, Rose Kennedy, was disapproving of the union.
  B.   All his brothers were in the Pacific fighting Japan.
  C.   Joe Kennedy Sr. was deathly ill, and his children were all at his side.
  D.   Rosemary had recently been molested by a male nurse, and the Kennedy siblings were rallying to her side.

4. What was the reputed curse that plagued Jack and Jacqueline Kennedy?
  A.   Jack's war injuries.
  B.   Jack's infidelities.
  C.   Bobby Kennedy's meddling in Jacqueline's affairs.
  D.   The loss of two children - one still born and one died two days after birth.

5. What day did Jack Kennedy die?
  A.   November 22, 1964
  B.   November 22, 1963
  C.   November 21, 1963
  D.   November 21, 1964

6. What happened to Teddy Kennedy in an accident he had in 1964?
  A.   Teddy had a drunken accident in Chappaquiddick where a girl died.
  B.   Teddy fell down the Capitol steps in Washington when intoxicated, breaking his coccyx.
  C.   Ted was accused of rape in Florida, but was later cleared of the crime.
  D.   Ted was in a plane accident, suffering broken bones and internal injuries.

7. Who shot Robert Kennedy?
  A.   John Booth
  B.   Lynette Squeaky Fromme
  C.   Sirhan Sirhan
  D.   John Hinckley, Jr.

8. When RFK's son Joe P. Kennedy II paralyzed a girl in a reckless Jeep accident, what was his penalty?
  A.   Six months in Massachusetts State Prison.
  B.   Suspended driver's license for a two months.
  C.   He was beaten severely by the brothers of the girl he crippled.
  D.   No punishment, but Joe had to pay a fine.

9. What punishment did Senator Teddy Kennedy receive when he accidentally killed a girl in a car accident in 1969?
  A.   Teddy spent two months in house arrest.
  B.   Teddy lost his driver's license permanently.
  C.   Teddy was sentenced for two months in jail, suspended.
  D.   Teddy was expelled from the US Senate for 10 years for moral turpitude.

10. William Kennedy Smith was partying with his cousin and his uncle, Teddy, in Florida in 1991; how many women claimed WKS had also sexually assaulted them in the 1980s? (The defense was able to exclude this testimony).
  A.   1
  B.   2
  C.   3
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