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Trivia Quiz - Dick Sargent - The Second Darrin of Bewitched

A quiz on the actor whose career spanned almost 40 years and who was best known as the second Darrin Stephens.

Quiz Number: 4227
Date Submitted: December 30, 2011
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage, Bewitched
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Times Taken: 73 times
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Quiz is about: Dick Sargent

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Dick Sargent  The Second Darrin of Bewitched
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1. Dick Sargent was born in 1930 with what last name?
  A.   Cox
  B.   Dickens
  C.   Johnson
  D.   Willis

2. Dick Sargent's father died when Dick was 11. What was the result of this?
  A.   Dick ran away from home and joined a travelling stage group
  B.   Dick became uncontrollable and was sent to reform school.
  C.   Dick was sent to military school
  D.   Dick became the family breadwinner, earning money singing and dancing.

3. Dick Sargent appeared with many of Hollywood's greats. Which of the following actors did he not share the screen with?
  A.   Ronald Reagan
  B.   Elvis Presley
  C.   Charlton Heston
  D.   Cary Grant

4. In which season of "Bewitched" did Dick Sargent replace Dick York?
  A.   4th
  B.   5th
  C.   6th
  D.   7th

5. In which 1960s crime series did Dick Sargent play himself in an episode?
  A.   Columbo
  B.   Hawaii Five-O
  C.   Barnaby Jones
  D.   Ironside

6. Which charity organization was supported enthusiastically by Dick Sargent?
  A.   Salvation Army
  B.   American Cancer Society
  C.   Red Cross
  D.   Special Olympics

7. What was Dick Sargent's opinion of his role as Darrin Stephens?
  A.   He thought he should have been the original choice for the role.
  B.   He wished he had never accepted the role, being type-cast for the rest of his career.
  C.   He enjoyed the success and the fame the role brought him.
  D.   He thought the general public liked Dick York better.

8. To which "Bewitched" cast member did Dick Sargent not initially warm?
  A.   David White
  B.   Agnes Moorehead
  C.   Elizabeth Montgomery
  D.   Marion Lorne

9. Dick Sargent acknowledged his homosexuality and was co-Grand Marshall of the 1991 Orange County Gay Pride Parade with which "Bewitched" co-star?
  A.   Dick York
  B.   Paul Lynde
  C.   Elizabeth Montgomery
  D.   Erin Murphy

10. Dick Sargent died in 1994 from what cause?
  A.   brain tumor
  B.   AIDS
  C.   prostate cancer
  D.   lung cancer®   

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