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Trivia Quiz - Léon Theremin: Electronics Whiz

Léon Theremin was a Russian and Soviet inventor. He was an interesting guy who lived to be 97 years of age, mostly through the Soviet era.

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Date Submitted: January 01, 2012
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Quiz is about: Léon Theremin

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Léon Theremin Electronics Whiz
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1. While adapting the dielectric device by adding circuitry to generate an audio tone, Theremin noticed the pitch changed when his hand moved around. What device came from this discovery?
  A.   The electronic organ
  B.   The theremin.
  C.   The electric guitar.
  D.   The electric keyboard.

2. Theremin built a Tesla coil in high school. What was the voltage he employed, in his attempt to ionize air?
  A.   1,000 volts
  B.   10,000 volts
  C.   100,000 volts
  D.   1,000,000 volts

3. What did Theremin do during WWI?
  A.   He was infantry private soldier.
  B.   He built a radio station connecting Moscow to the Volga area.
  C.   He was a Naval Communications Officer in the Pacific fleet.
  D.   He was a submariner.

4. How did Theremin prevent the White Russians from broadcasting victory over the Bolsheviks?
  A.   He blew up the radio tower.
  B.   He defended the radio station with a Vicker's gun, until the Bolsheviks rescued him.
  C.   He convinced the White Russians there was no electrical power at the station.
  D.   He shot the radio operators, so there could be no tranmissions.

5. Theremin made an innovative electrical device in 1919-1920 called a radio watchman. What was it used for?
  A.   Motion detection.
  B.   Electric chair.
  C.   Hypnosis of prisoners
  D.   Electo-shock therapy.

6. With what famous Orchestra did Theremin perform in 1928 to demonstrate his electronic instrument?
  A.   The Boston Symphony
  B.   The San Francisco Philharmonic Symphony
  C.   The Chicago Orchestra and Opera
  D.   New York Philharmonic

7. Theremin married his second wife while developing electronic dance music with accompanying light. What was unusual about the couple in 1930s America?
  A.   His second wife was a midget.
  B.   His second wife was deaf.
  C.   His second wife was black.
  D.   His second wife was a parapalegic.

8. Theremin abruptly returned to the Soviet Union in 1938. Where was he employed when he returned to Russia?
  A.   A secret nuclear facility.
  B.   Kolyma gold mines
  C.   A farm collective repairing tractors.
  D.   He was trained as a spy, and sent to Great Britan.

9. When working with the USSR secret police, Theremin created the Buran eavesdropping system, which:
  A.   Had a ultra-low freqency transmitter and receiver for submarine communnications.
  B.   Used lasers to send missile commands.
  C.   Used window vibrations to listen to discussions covertly.
  D.   Could be used to stun people with electromagnetic sounds.

10. Theremin's Terpsitone is a platform that converts:
  A.   movement into eerie sounds.
  B.   sounds into nerve impulses.
  C.   dance movements into tones.
  D.   sound into light.®   

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