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Trivia Quiz - Denver Broncos History & Facts

What do you know about the history of the Denver Broncos?

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Date Submitted: January 06, 2012
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Author: bill
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Denver Broncos History  Facts
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1. Which of the following is not one of the official colors of the Denver Broncos?
  A.   green
  B.   navy
  C.   orange
  D.   white

2. Who was the first coach of the Denver Broncos when the team moved from the American Football League to the National Football League in 1970?
  A.   John Ralston
  B.   Jerry Smith
  C.   Ray Malavasi
  D.   Lou Saban

3. What is the alma mater of Bronco great, John Elway?
  A.   Michigan Wolverines
  B.   Stanford Cardinal
  C.   Colorado Buffaloes
  D.   UCLA Bruins

4. From 1977-1979, the Denver Broncos had an amazing defense. What was its nickname?
  A.   Denvernators
  B.   Bronco Rush
  C.   Orange Crush
  D.   Mile High Monsters

5. Super Bowl XXXII was played in 1998 and resulted in the Denver Broncos defeating what team?
  A.   San Francisco 49ers
  B.   Minnesota Vikings
  C.   Green Bay Packers
  D.   New York Giants

6. Thunder is a live horse that is a mascot of the Denver Broncos. What is the name of the official mascot of the Broncos (a guy in a Bronco suit)?
  A.   Stretch
  B.   Miles
  C.   Bronk
  D.   Kicks

7. What jersey number did Bronco great Shannon Sharpe wear?
  A.   80
  B.   83
  C.   84
  D.   85

8. What Bronco head coach lead the team to two Super Bowl championships (1998, 1999)?
  A.   Mike Shanahan
  B.   Dan Reeves
  C.   Wade Phillips
  D.   Mike Holmgren

9. Super Bowl XXXIII was played in 1999 and resulted in the Denver Broncos defeating what team?
  A.   Dallas Cowboys
  B.   Atlanta Falcons
  C.   San Francisco 49ers
  D.   Arizona Cardinals

10. In what stadium did the Denver Broncos play from 1960–2000?
  A.   Hilltop Stadium
  B.   Mile High Stadium
  C.   Invesco Field at Mile High
  D.   Sports Authority Field at Mile High®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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