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Trivia Quiz - Tony Stewart: Famous Hoosier

10 questions about Nascar driver Tony Stewart.

Quiz Number: 4253
Date Submitted: January 12, 2012
Quiz Categories: Auto Racing
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Tony Stewart

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Tony Stewart Famous Hoosier
(Image Source: Tony Stewart photo credit to Flickr user Kim Phillips)

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1. Before becoming a team owner himself, for whom did Tony Stewart drive?
  A.   Hendricks Racing
  B.   Joe Gibbs Racing
  C.   Woods Brothers Racing
  D.   Richard Childress Racing

2. In what year did Tony Stewart win his first Sprint Cup Championship?
  A.   2000
  B.   2002
  C.   2005
  D.   2011

3. In 2011, Tony became the first owner/driver to win the Cup Series championship since whom?
  A.   Alan Kulwicki
  B.   Jeff Gordon
  C.   Dale Earnhardt Jr
  D.   Darrell Waltrip

4. In what city in Indiana was Tony born?
  A.   Terre Haute
  B.   Indianapolis
  C.   Rushville
  D.   Columbus

5. Who replaced Tony for Joe Gibbs Racing when Tony became an owner himself?
  A.   Kyle Busch
  B.   Joey Lagano
  C.   Denny Hamlin
  D.   Jamie McMurray

6. For what team did Tony drive in the Indy Car League to begin his professional career?
  A.   Team Rutherford
  B.   Team Penske
  C.   Team Menard
  D.   Team Rahall

7. In what year did Tony first run in the Indianapolis 500?
  A.   1985
  B.   1992
  C.   1996
  D.   1999

8. At the conclusion of the 2011 Nascar season, Tony has how many career wins?
  A.   40
  B.   44
  C.   51
  D.   56

9. In 2011, Tony owned two cars that raced on the Nascar circuit. Who drove the other car for Tony full time?
  A.   Elliott Sadler
  B.   Paul Meynard
  C.   Kasey Kayne
  D.   Ryan Newman

10. What is Tony Stewart's nickname?
  A.   Fire
  B.   Smoke
  C.   Champ
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