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Trivia Quiz - Arranged

This is a rather obscure indie film, based on the real life experience of Yuta Silverman. It's a MUST SEE for proponents of diversity. If you haven't seen this charming, engaging, feel-good film yet, you should go rent it RIGHT NOW!

Quiz Number: 4310
Date Submitted: February 17, 2012
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 63.5 percent
Times Taken: 17 times
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1. How was Rochel's husband to be chosen?
  A.   She would attend a matchmaking conference, where she would meet and choose her mate.
  B.   Her parents would choose for her.
  C.   A Rabbi would set her up with someone.
  D.   A shadchen would set up dates for her with prospective suitors.

2. Rochel's special needs student was:
  A.   autistic
  B.   blind
  C.   deaf
  D.   a genius

3. What is the name of the drink Matthew made at Leah's party?
  A.   Black Snail
  B.   Boricua
  C.   Cahpirinha
  D.   Kolya

4. How was Nasira's husband to be chosen?
  A.   Her brother would find someone for her.
  B.   She would date whomever she wished until she found her ideal man.
  C.   Her father would introduce her to men of his choosing, then allow her to pick one of them.
  D.   Her marriage had been arranged since her birth.

5. Nasira's family moved from Syria when she was how old?
  A.   three
  B.   nine
  C.   five
  D.   thirteen

6. Nasira's father used to be a scholar of the Koran, but now he:
  A.   owns a gas station
  B.   runs a grocery store
  C.   teaches college
  D.   writes for an Islamic newspaper

7. What word did Eddie choose to represent himself?
  A.   Boricua
  B.   cool
  C.   nasty
  D.   potential

8. Whom did Rochel marry?
  A.   Elliott Rabinowitz
  B.   Gideon Horowitz
  C.   Maxwell Stern
  D.   Seth Goldstein

9. Rochel visited the grave of her:
  A.   aunt
  B.   former Rabbi
  C.   grandmother
  D.   great-aunt

10. What was the name of the restaurant where Rochel went on her first date?
  A.   Albert's
  B.   Mamacita's
  C.   Rodinger's
  D.   Stein's®   

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