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Trivia Quiz - The Blue Butterfly

The Blue Butterfly is a beautiful family film which is based on actual events in the life of David Marenger. Stunning cinematography and a compelling story combine to make this an unforgettable movie!

Quiz Number: 4320
Date Submitted: February 20, 2012
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 62 percent
Times Taken: 54 times
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The Blue Butterfly
(Image Source: The Blue Butterfly @ Wikipedia)

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1. According to the shaman, when you encounter a Blue Morpho, you must offer it:
  A.   your dreams
  B.   fruit
  C.   something you value
  D.   your soul

2. According to Mr. Osborne, just by looking at the Blue Morpho you could:
  A.   be healed of any illness or ailment
  B.   get answers to the mysteries of the world
  C.   make a wish and have it come true
  D.   see the future

3. What happened to Yana's mother?
  A.   She died giving birth to Yana.
  B.   She left her husband for another man.
  C.   She was killed by an alligator.
  D.   She went to live with her sister in Peru.

4. Yana told Pete that everything was:
  A.   beautiful
  B.   the Blue Butterfly
  C.   valuable
  D.   sacred

5. Mr. Osborne claimed that he had never failed to attract butterflies with what?
  A.   Orange Vodka
  B.   Peach Schnapps
  C.   Pineapple Rum
  D.   Strawberry Tequila

6. What did Pete's mother encounter in the river?
  A.   alligators
  B.   leeches
  C.   piranhas
  D.   snakes

7. Yana made a necklace for Pete, which she said would give him:
  A.   the ability to find a Blue Butterfly
  B.   protection
  C.   healing power
  D.   warrior power

8. Of what did Pete drink a large quantity?
  A.   cranberry juice
  B.   milk
  C.   soda
  D.   water

9. What happened after Pete's encounter with the Blue Morpho?
  A.   he died, happy to have seen it.
  B.   he lived another 2 years.
  C.   he stopped collecting insects.
  D.   his tumor went away.

10. What did Pete do with the Blue Butterfly?
  A.   He gave it to Yana.
  B.   He killed it and added it to his collection.
  C.   He kept it in a cage.
  D.   He let it go free.®   

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