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Trivia Quiz - Beverly Hills Chihuahua

What do you know about the funny movie "Beverly Hills Chihuahua"?

Quiz Number: 4332
Date Submitted: February 28, 2012
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: perfectfatgirl
Average Score: 68.7 percent
Times Taken: 69 times
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Beverly Hills Chihuahua
(Image Source: Beverly Hills Chihuahua @ wikipedia)

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1. What actress provides Chloe's voice?
  A.   Miley Cirus
  B.   Kirsten Stewart
  C.   Drew Barrymore
  D.   Chelsie Staub

2. What breed of dog is Delgado?
  A.   Collie
  B.   Doberman Pinscher
  C.   German Shepherd
  D.   Labrador

3. What dog joins the police force at the end of the movie?
  A.   El Diablo
  B.   Spike
  C.   Delgado
  D.   Rafa

4. What type of animal is Chico?
  A.   white rat
  B.   iguana
  C.   guinea pig
  D.   squirrel

5. What actor provides the voice for Papi?
  A.   George Lopez
  B.   Jim Carey
  C.   Topher Grace
  D.   Ashton Kutcher

6. In what industry does Viv (Chloe's master) work?
  A.   food
  B.   cosmetics
  C.   painting
  D.   jewelry

7. At the end of the movie, what dog gets dressed in pink?
  A.   El Diablo
  B.   Spike
  C.   Papi
  D.   Chloe

8. What did the poodle say about Chloe's new collar when they were at the doggy spa?
  A.   "I prefer a St. Bernard"
  B.   "I'm so jealous"
  C.   "Love it!"
  D.   That's not so great"?

9. What dog helps Chloe get back to Beverly Hills?
  A.   Papi
  B.   El Diablo
  C.   Delgado
  D.   Sebastian

10. What is Viv's niece's name?
  A.   Rachel
  B.   Renee
  C.   Randi
  D.   Renita®   

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