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Trivia Quiz - Hoosiers

This is a quiz about the movie "Hoosiers," which is based on my High School, the 1954 Milan Indians of Milan, Indiana. How much do you remember about the movie?

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Date Submitted: April 03, 2012
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies, Basketball
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: dartjock
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1. What was the name of the school in the movie?
  A.   Hinkle High
  B.   Pepper Ridge
  C.   Milan
  D.   Hickory High

2. Coach Norman Dale was portrayed by what actor?
  A.   Dennis Hopper
  B.   Gene Hackman
  C.   Dennis Quaid
  D.   Sheb Wooley

3. Dennis Hopper earned an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of whom?
  A.   Jimmy Chitwood
  B.   Coach Norman Dale
  C.   Shooter
  D.   Cletus

4. The movie was loosely based on what school?
  A.   1954 Milan Indians
  B.   1953 Milan Indians
  C.   1954 Muncie South Trojans
  D.   1953 Muncie South Trojans

5. Who was Shooter?
  A.   The Town Drunkard
  B.   The Town Marshall
  C.   The Star Player for the team
  D.   The High School Principal

6. Faculty member Myra Fleener was portrayed by which actress?
  A.   Debra Winger
  B.   Patricia Sprague
  C.   Barbara Hershey
  D.   Ashley Judd

7. Who was the team's star player that joined the team half way into the season?
  A.   Shooter
  B.   Jimmy Chitwood
  C.   Cletus
  D.   Buddy

8. What team did they defeat to win the championship?
  A.   Muncie North
  B.   Muncie Central
  C.   Muncie South
  D.   South Bend

9. What year was it in the movie when they won the Championship?
  A.   1954
  B.   1950
  C.   1952
  D.   1953

10. What was the final score of the championship game in the movie?
  A.   36-35
  B.   42-40
  C.   40-39
  D.   45-43®   

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