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Trivia Quiz - Hall of Fame Locations

I'll give you the sport and you tell me where that sport's Hall of Fame is located. Good Luck!!

Quiz Number: 4406
Date Submitted: April 12, 2012
Quiz Categories: Sports
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Hall of Fame Locations
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1. Where is the WWE Wrestling Hall of Fame?
  A.   Amsterdam, New York
  B.   Los Angeles, California
  C.   Tampa, Florida
  D.   Albany, New York

2. Where is Major League Baseball's (MLB) Hall of Fame?
  A.   Atlanta, Georgia
  B.   Baltimore, Maryland
  C.   Cooperstown, New York
  D.   Detroit, Michigan

3. Where is the National Football Leagues's (NFL) Hall of Fame?
  A.   Chicago, Illinois
  B.   Canton, Ohio
  C.   Green Bay, Wisconsin
  D.   Kansas City, Missouri

4. Where is the National Basketball Leagues Hall (NBA) of Fame?
  A.   Boston, Massachusetts
  B.   Chicago, Illinois
  C.   Cincinnati, Ohio
  D.   Springfield, Massachusetts

5. Where is the National Hockey League's (NHL) Hall of Fame?
  A.   New York, New York
  B.   Calgary, Alberta
  C.   Detroit, Michigan
  D.   Toronto, Ontario

6. Where is the World Golfing (PGA) Hall of Fame?
  A.   St.Augustine, Florida
  B.   Atlanta, Georgia
  C.   St.Petersburg, Florida
  D.   Birmingham, Alabama

7. Where is the International Tennis Hall of Fame?
  A.   Oakland, California
  B.   Indianapolis, Indiana
  C.   Newport, Rhode Island
  D.   San Antonio, Texas

8. Where is the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Hall of Fame?
  A.   Ft.Wayne,Indiana
  B.   Arlington,Texas
  C.   Seattle,Washington
  D.   Cincinnati,Ohio

9. Where is NASCAR's Hall of Fame?
  A.   Birmingham, Alabama
  B.   Charlotte, North Carolina
  C.   Richmond, Virginia
  D.   Daytona, Florida

10. Where is the International Boxing Hall of Fame?
  A.   Los Angeles, California
  B.   Dublin, Ireland
  C.   London, England
  D.   Canastota, New York®   

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