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Trivia Quiz - Kentucky Wildcats Basketball History & Facts

This is a quiz about the University of Kentucky's Basketball program. Kentucky Wildcat trivia!

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Date Submitted: April 15, 2012
Quiz Categories: SEC Men's Basketball
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Author: dartjock
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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball History  Facts
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1. What team did the Kentucky Wildcats defeat in the 2012 National Championship game?
  A.   Ohio State Buckeyes
  B.   Louisville Cardinals
  C.   Duke Blue Devils
  D.   Kansas Jayhawks

2. In what year did Kentucky win their first National Championship?
  A.   1948
  B.   1950
  C.   1952
  D.   1953

3. The Wildcat team is often referred to as "Big Blue". What do the fans call themselves?
  A.   True Blue
  B.   Blue Crew
  C.   Big Blue Nation
  D.   Sixth Man

4. In what conference do the Kentucky Wildcats compete?
  A.   Atlantic Coast Conference
  B.   Southeastern Conference
  C.   Big Ten Conference
  D.   Pac 12 Conference

5. In 1976, the Kentucky Wildcat basketball team began playing in what arena?
  A.   Rupp Arena
  B.   Memorial Coliseum
  C.   Alumni Gymnasium
  D.   Woodland Park Auditorium

6. Who was the first Kentucky Wildcat basketball team to lead the team to multiple national championships?
  A.   Rick Pitino
  B.   Joe B.Hall
  C.   Adolph Rupp
  D.   Tubby Smith

7. What are the official colors of the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team?
  A.   blue and silver
  B.   blue and gold
  C.   purple and white
  D.   blue and white

8. What is the common name of the special section in which the Wildcat students sit during home games?
  A.   Cat Corner
  B.   Erupption Zone
  C.   Wildcat Wild Zone
  D.   Kentucky Krazies

9. The 1996 team was arguably the most talented team in UK basketball history, with nine players who would eventually play in the NBA. What was the nickname of that team?
  A.   The Comeback Cats
  B.   The Unbelievables
  C.   The Untouchables
  D.   The Draft Cats

10. Which Kentucky Wildcat player won the 2012 Sporting News Player of the Year?
  A.   Anthony Davis
  B.   John Wall
  C.   Terrence Jones
  D.   Brandon Knight®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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