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Trivia Quiz - Sarah Palin - Political Darling

This is a quiz on the Former Governor of Alaska and Vice-Presidential candidate. Great Sarah Palin trivia!

Quiz Number: 4424
Date Submitted: April 19, 2012
Quiz Categories: American History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Sarah L Palin

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Sarah Palin  Political Darling
(Image Source: Sarah Palin @ Wikimedia Commons)

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1. Who was Sarah Palin's presidential running mate in 2008?
  A.   Newt Gingrich
  B.   John McCain
  C.   John Kerry
  D.   John Edwards

2. When Sarah Palin was elected Governor of Alaska, she became what at the time?
  A.   The first woman Governor of Alaska.
  B.   The youngest Governor of Alaska
  C.   The first Governor of Alaska from Wasilla
  D.   All of the Above

3. What instrument did Sarah Palin play in her junior high band?
  A.   Saxophone
  B.   Trombone
  C.   Flute
  D.   Clarinet

4. Sarah Palin was co-captain of her 1982 basketball team that won the Alaska State Championship. What position did she play?
  A.   Point Guard
  B.   Shooting Guard
  C.   Center
  D.   Forward

5. Sarah won the 1984 Miss Wasilla Beauty Pageant and went on to place where in the Miss Alaska Beauty Pageant?
  A.   First
  B.   Second
  C.   Third
  D.   Out of the Top 10

6. After graduating from college Sarah Palin worked as a what?
  A.   Journalist
  B.   Presidential Aide
  C.   Ecologists
  D.   Sportscaster and Sports Reporter

7. In December 2008, Sarah Palin turned down which of the following?
  A.   2008 Presidential Nomination
  B.   A $25,000 pay raise
  C.   Re-Election nomination for Governor of Alaska
  D.   U.S.Senate seat for Alaska

8. Sarah Palin is a life member of what organization?
  A.   National Rifle Association
  B.   Peta
  C.   Animal Rights Activists
  D.   4-H

9. In 2009, Sarah Palin released her memoir, which was called what?
  A.   Politics in Alaska
  B.   Politics Made Easy
  C.   Going Rogue: An American Life
  D.   The Governor

10. Sarah Palin was the second woman to run for Vice-President of the United States on a major ticket. Who was the first woman to do so?
  A.   Geraldine Ferraro
  B.   Hillary Clinton
  C.   Olympia Dukakis
  D.   Rosa Parks®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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