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Trivia Quiz - Fox Broadcasting Company--25 Years of Innovation

This is a simple quiz on the Fox Network, who are celebrating their 25th anniversary. How much do you know about Fox Network trivia?

Quiz Number: 4429
Date Submitted: April 22, 2012
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Fox Broadcasting Company 25 Years of Innovation
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1. What is Fox's Sunday Night line-up known as?
  A.   Animation Domination
  B.   Cartoon Night in America
  C.   Super Sunday
  D.   Domination Animation

2. Fox first launched on October 9, 1986 with a talk show called The Late Show, which was hosted by whom?
  A.   Conan O'Brian
  B.   Arsenio Hall
  C.   Joan Rivers
  D.   Bill Maher

3. Which show on Fox was the first to crack the Top 30 in the Nielsen Ratings?
  A.   American Idol
  B.   Married...With Children
  C.   The X-Files
  D.   The Simpsons

4. Which show on Fox was the first show to crack the Nielsen Rating's Year End Top 20?
  A.   The Simpsons
  B.   The X-Files
  C.   American Idol
  D.   Cops

5. The Simpsons have aired on Fox Sunday Nights since 1994. What night of the week were they on before Sunday nights (during the first 4 years of their run)?
  A.   Monday night
  B.   Saturday night
  C.   Thursday night
  D.   Friday night

6. Which show on Fox was the first to reach 37 million viewers?
  A.   American Idol
  B.   America's Most Wanted
  C.   Joe Millionaire
  D.   The Simpsons

7. Fox Broadcasting Company is owned by whom?
  A.   Robert Murdoch
  B.   The Fox Entertainment Group
  C.   William Fox
  D.   20th Century Fox

8. Fox debuted on Primetime with what show?
  A.   The X-Files
  B.   In Living Color
  C.   The Simpsons
  D.   Married...With Children

9. What is the longest running show on Fox through the first 25 years?
  A.   American Idol
  B.   The Simpsons
  C.   Cops
  D.   America's Most Wanted

10. How is Fox different from the other 3 Major networks?
  A.   They have no game shows
  B.   They have no soap operas
  C.   They have 2 hrs of primetime TV weekly instead of 3.
  D.   All of the above®   

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