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Trivia Quiz - Alan Young - Young by Name and Young at Heart

A quiz on the actor whose sunny smile and voice have graced many films and TV shows including the memorable "Mr Ed".

Quiz Number: 4482
Date Submitted: May 12, 2012
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars, Television Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Alan Young

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Alan Young  Young by Name and Young at Heart
(Image Source: Alan Young @ NNDB)

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1. Alan Young was born November 19, 1919 in which country?
  A.   England
  B.   Scotland
  C.   USA
  D.   Canada

2. Alan Young hosted a TV show in the early 1950s which had what title?
  A.   At Home With Alan Young
  B.   Alan Young Presents
  C.   The Alan Young Show
  D.   Tonight With Alan Young

3. With which Hollywood star was Alan Young a one-time boyfriend?
  A.   Connie Stevens
  B.   Marilyn Monroe
  C.   Debbie Reynolds
  D.   Judy Garland

4. In which of his movies did Alan Young play more than one role?
  A.   Gentlemen Prefer Brunettes
  B.   Androcles and the Lion
  C.   Mr Belvedere Goes to College
  D.   The Time Machine

5. Alan Young's best known role was as Wilbur Post on "Mr Ed". What profession did Wilbur pursue?
  A.   Barber
  B.   Architect
  C.   Dentist
  D.   Postman

6. What was Alan Young's birth name?
  A.   Alfred
  B.   Albert
  C.   Angus
  D.   Adam

7. Alan Young played in "The Time Machine" in 1960. What part did he play in the remake of 2002?
  A.   He was an advisor to the director.
  B.   He and Rod Taylor narrated the introduction.
  C.   He reprised his role of James Filby.
  D.   He was cast as a flower seller

8. Alan Young has also lent his voice to many animated features. What is his best known character?
  A.   Scrooge McDuck
  B.   Aladdin
  C.   Goofy
  D.   Finn McMissile in "Cars 2"

9. In which 1990's film did Alan Young feature at the age of 75?
  A.   Lethal Weapon III
  B.   Back To The Future III
  C.   Beverly Hills Cop III
  D.   Alien III

10. Alan Young has been married twice. How long has he been married to his second wife, Virginia McCurdy?
  A.   More than 20 years
  B.   More than 30 years
  C.   More than 40 years
  D.   More than 50 years®   

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