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Trivia Quiz - Kiss Basics #3

This is another quiz on the 1970's Iconic Rock Band Kiss. This one is a lot tougher and is mostly about all the different lead guitarists in the band throughout their careers.

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Date Submitted: May 22, 2012
Quiz Categories: Fantasy Movies, Glam Rock, KISS
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Kiss Basics 3
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1. What was the name of Kiss's first album?
  A.   Up and Coming
  B.   Up All Night
  C.   Kiss
  D.   Wild Youth

2. Vinnie Vincent replaced Ace Frehley and went with what persona in the band?
  A.   The Fox
  B.   The Bear
  C.   The Wolf
  D.   The Wiz

3. Vinnie Vincent was replaced in the band by whom?
  A.   Bruce Kulick
  B.   Mark St. John
  C.   Tommy Thayer
  D.   Eric Carr

4. Kiss had worn their make-up since 1973 but dropped their trademark make-up in 1983 while doing what album?
  A.   Lick It Up
  B.   Dynasty
  C.   Heaven's On Fire
  D.   Wicked

5. Mark St. John was replaced in the band by which guitarist?
  A.   Ace Frehley
  B.   Bruce Kulick
  C.   Vinnie Vincent
  D.   Tommy Thayer

6. Who was the only member of Kiss to never wear make-up?
  A.   Eric Singer
  B.   Eric Carr
  C.   Tommy Thayer
  D.   Bruce Kulick

7. Drummer Eric Carr died in 1991 and the band hired what drummer as his replacement?
  A.   Paul Caravello
  B.   Anton Fig
  C.   Eric Singer
  D.   Peter Criss

8. World Championship Wrestling (WCW) had a Kiss-themed wrestler named what?
  A.   The Demon
  B.   Animal
  C.   The Destroyer
  D.   The Night Creature

9. Bruce Kulick had the third-longest run as a member of KISS behind Paul and Gene. After 12 years with the band, he was replaced by whom?
  A.   Ace Frehley
  B.   Tommy Thayer
  C.   Vinnie Vincent
  D.   Mark St.John

10. In their movie "Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Opera", each member of Kiss played what type of role?
  A.   Monsters
  B.   Rock Stars
  C.   Possessed Demons
  D.   Super Heroes®   

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