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Trivia Quiz - Esther Williams - "America's Mermaid"

A quiz on the lady who made synchronized swimming famous long before it became an Olympic event. Great Esther Williams trivia!

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Date Submitted: June 02, 2012
Quiz Categories: Sports, Movie Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Esther Williams

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Esther Williams  Americas Mermaid
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1. In which film series did Esther Williams make her acting debut?
  A.   Ma and Pa Kettle
  B.   Tarzan
  C.   Andy Hardy
  D.   Charlie Chan

2. Which famous athlete played opposite Esther Williams in a swimming and diving show in 1940?
  A.   Johnny Weissmuller
  B.   Jim Thorpe
  C.   Buster Crabbe
  D.   Knute Rockne

3. What was Esther Williams' first swimming movie?
  A.   Neptune's Daughter
  B.   Million Dollar Mermaid
  C.   Bathing Beauty
  D.   Dangerous When Wet

4. Esther Williams' role in Million Dollar Mermaid was based on the life of which famous Australian swimmer?
  A.   Fanny Durack
  B.   Shane Gould
  C.   Dawn Fraser
  D.   Annette Kellerman

5. Married four times, Esther Williams was also the lover of which actor?
  A.   Danny Kaye
  B.   Victor Mature
  C.   Jeff Chandler
  D.   Robert Cummings

6. What award did Esther Williams receive in 1967?
  A.   A commemorative medal from the US Olympic Committee
  B.   An honorary Oscar from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts
  C.   Induction into the Swimming Hall of Fame
  D.   An American Business Award

7. With what studio did Esther Williams do all her swimming movies?
  A.   RKO
  B.   Metro-Goldwyn Mayer
  C.   Paramount
  D.   Warner Bros

8. Which of the following problems did Esther Williams not suffer as a result of her aquatic roles?
  A.   Near drowning
  B.   Ruptured eardrums
  C.   Broken neck
  D.   Skin reaction to chlorine

9. Following her retirement from movie-making what did Esther Williams do?
  A.   Became a successful businesswoman
  B.   Became a recluse preferring to forget her film career
  C.   Became a member of the US Olympic Swimming Committee
  D.   Became a swimming instructor

10. In her later years what health problem afflicted Esther Williams?
  A.   Diabetes
  B.   Parkinson's
  C.   Stroke
  D.   Skin cancer®   

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