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Trivia Quiz - Oklahoma City Thunder: The Thunder Rolls!

This is a fairly easy quiz on the Oklahoma City Thunder of the NBA. Great Oklahoma City Thunder trivia coming at you!

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Date Submitted: June 08, 2012
Quiz Categories: NBA Northwest Division
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Oklahoma City Thunder The Thunder Rolls
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1. What former NBA franchise moved to Oklahoma City to become the Thunder?
  A.   Vancouver Grizzlies
  B.   New Orleans Hornets
  C.   Seattle SuperSonics
  D.   Toronto Raptors

2. What are the primary team colors for the Thunder?
  A.   Gold, Blue, & White
  B.   Blue, Red-Orange, & Yellow
  C.   Blue, Red & Yellow
  D.   Red, Orange, & Yellow

3. Who was the head coach of the team when they became the Thunder?
  A.   Sam Presti
  B.   Scott Brooks
  C.   Clay Bennett
  D.   P.J.Carlesimo

4. The Thunder made their home debut on October 14th, 2008 against what NBA team?
  A.   L.A. Clippers
  B.   L.A.Lakers
  C.   Dallas Mavericks
  D.   Indiana Pacers

5. When the Thunder first re-located to Oklahoma City, they played their home games where?
  A.   Key Arena
  B.   Ford Arena
  C.   Chesapeake Energy Arena
  D.   The Ford Center

6. The Thunder played their very first regular season game under their new name against what other NBA team?
  A.   Utah Jazz
  B.   Milwaukee Bucks
  C.   Philadelphia 76ers
  D.   Sacramento Kings

7. What is the name of the Thunder Mascot who has been in place since Feb.17, 2009?
  A.   Rumble the Bison
  B.   The Wheedle
  C.   Squatch
  D.   They have no Mascot

8. Who was the Thunder's very first draft pick after becoming the Thunder?
  A.   Kevin Durant
  B.   James Harden
  C.   Russell Westbrook
  D.   Cole Aldrich

9. Who did the Thunder lose to in their very first playoff series as the Thunder?
  A.   Denver Nuggets
  B.   L.A.Lakers
  C.   San Antonio Spurs
  D.   Dallas Mavericks

10. Against what team did the Thunder get their first playoff series win?
  A.   Denver Nuggets
  B.   Utah Jazz
  C.   Sacramento Kings
  D.   Minnesota Timberwolves®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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