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Trivia Quiz - The Big Lebowski

What do you know about "The Big Lebowski"?

Quiz Number: 4592
Date Submitted: July 10, 2012
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: charles
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The Big Lebowski
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1. Where does "The Big Lebowski" take place?
  A.   Las Vegas
  B.   Los Angeles
  C.   Sacramento
  D.   San Diego

2. Who is the main character in "The Big Lebowski"?
  A.   Theodore Donald
  B.   Walter Sobchak
  C.   "Millionaire" Jeffrey Lebowski
  D.   "The Dude" Jeffrey Lebowski

3. In what sport are they competing?
  A.   Soccer
  B.   Darts
  C.   Bowling
  D.   Football

4. "Millionaire" Jeffrey Lebowski owes money to whom?
  A.   Jackie Treehorn
  B.   Walter Sobchak
  C.   "The Dude" Jeffrey Lebowski
  D.   Maude Lebowski

5. Why was "The Dude" Jeffrey Lebowski mad at Jackie Treehorn's men?
  A.   They completely trashed his house
  B.   They peed on his rug
  C.   They beat up a family member
  D.   They stole his TV

6. Who is "The Dude" Jeffrey Lebowski's best friend?
  A.   Jackie Treehorn
  B.   Jesus Quintana
  C.   Thoedore Donald
  D.   Walter Sobchak

7. "Millionaire" Jeffrey Lebowski needed to pay the money or what would happen?
  A.   They kill his wife Bunny
  B.   They burn his house
  C.   They trash his house
  D.   They take ALL his money

8. What does Walter always say to Theodore Donald (or Donny) when he says stuff?
  A.   That he's stupid
  B.   To "shut the fuck up" and he's "out of his element"
  C.   That he's crazy
  D.   That he's weird and does random stuff

9. How does Theodore Donald (or Donny) die at the end of the movie?
  A.   Heart attack
  B.   Cancer
  C.   Stroke
  D.   Aids

10. "The Dude" Jeffrey Lebowski and Walter Sobchak find one of Bunny Lebowski's body parts wrapped in tape in a bag. Which body part was it?
  A.   toe
  B.   foot
  C.   hand
  D.   finger®   

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