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Trivia Quiz - Columbo: Guest Stars Part 2

Excuse me, just one more question... Match the episode title and description to the guest star. This Columbo trivia was so much fun, I had to do a second round.

Quiz Number: 4613
Date Submitted: July 26, 2012
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas, Television Stars
Quiz Type: General Quiz
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Columbo Guest Stars Part 2
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1. Lawyer Leslie Williams concocts an elaborate plan to make her husband's murder look like a kidnapping gone wrong. Columbo must find a way to trip up this calm and collected lady. (Ransom for a Dead Man)
  A.   Susan Clark
  B.   Vera Miles
  C.   Lee Grant
  D.   Kim Hunter

2. With the help of subliminal cuts, A filmmaker kills one of his clients in a break during the screening of a new ad campaign. (Double Exposure)
  A.   Patrick McGoohan
  B.   Robert Culp
  C.   Johnny Carson
  D.   Robert Walker Jr.

3. A health club owner kills his partner, who is about to uncover his fraudulent enterprises, and makes it look like an accident. (An Exercise in Fatality)
  A.   John Cassavetes
  B.   Jack Cassidy
  C.   Alfred E. Newman
  D.   Robert Conrad

4. A spy is murdered on a lonely beach by his contact, but the killer has been unknowingly photographed beforehand, walking with the victim. (Identity Crisis)
  A.   Ed Begley Jr.
  B.   George Hamilton
  C.   Paul Sorvino
  D.   Patrick McGoohan

5. While on vacation aboard a cruise liner, Columbo helps capture the killer of the singer in the ship's band. (Troubled Waters)
  A.   Lew Ayres
  B.   Michael Douglas
  C.   Robert Vaughn
  D.   Jackie Cooper

6. An aging song-and-dance star is suspected of killing her wealthy husband to finance her dream; a comeback on Broadway. (Forgotten Lady)
  A.   Blythe Danner
  B.   Julie Newmar
  C.   Loni Anderson
  D.   Janet Leigh

7. A maestro murders his mistress to keep her from informing his wife about their affair. (Etude in Black)
  A.   Martin Landau
  B.   John Cassavetes
  C.   Dick Solomon
  D.   Tim O'Connor

8. Ego-maniac Fielding Chase is a radio talk show host who, in order to prevent his daughter from moving to New York, murders a member of his staff. (Butterfly in Shades of Grey)
  A.   William Shatner
  B.   John Holliday
  C.   Ray Milland
  D.   George Wendt

9. Ken Franklin is the untalented half of a mystery writing partnership, who uses an elaborate plot line to kill his partner, who is planning to leave the team. (Murder by the Book)
  A.   Patrick O'Neal
  B.   Lee Majors
  C.   Robert Culp
  D.   Jack Cassidy

10. An art critic, Dale Kingston, kills his uncle for his valuable collection of paintings. All the clues lead to the dead man's first wife, but Columbo doesn't believe it. (Suitable for Framing)
  A.   James Gregory
  B.   Ross Martin
  C.   Gene Barry
  D.   Eddie Albert®   

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