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Trivia Quiz - Brian Johnson: AC/DC Frontman

Here's a quiz on AC/DC Frontman Brian Johnson, who was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003 with his fellow bandmates.

Quiz Number: 4614
Date Submitted: July 27, 2012
Quiz Categories: AC/DC
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Times Taken: 69 times
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Quiz is about: Brian Johnson

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Brian Johnson ACDC Frontman
(Image Source: Brian Johnson PHOTO credit to MATT BECKER)

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1. Brian was born in what country?
  A.   America
  B.   Scotland
  C.   Austrailia
  D.   England

2. Brian was the frontman for what band before joining AC/DC?
  A.   Gobi Desert Canoe Club
  B.   Geordie
  C.   The Jasper Hart Band
  D.   Crawler

3. Who did Brian replace in the band?
  A.   Dave Evans
  B.   Noel Taylor
  C.   Bon Scott
  D.   Mark Evans

4. What was the first album Brian recorded with AC/DC?
  A.   Back In Black
  B.   Highway To Hell
  C.   Let There Be Rock
  D.   For Those About To Rock We Salute You

5. What was the name of the only solo album Brian recorded before joining AC/DC?
  A.   Ball Breaker
  B.   Keep On Rocking
  C.   Brian's Song
  D.   Strange Man

6. What type of hat does Brian wear on stage?
  A.   A Newsboy Cap
  B.   A Baseball Cap
  C.   A Beanie Cap
  D.   A Beret

7. What was the name of Brian's autobiography?
  A.   Keep Rockin'
  B.   It's a Long Way to the Top
  C.   Rockers and Rollers
  D.   Rockin' The World

8. Brian is an avid fan of what soccer team?
  A.   Aston Villa
  B.   Newcastle United
  C.   Manchester United
  D.   Manchester City

9. Brian was diagnosed with what affliction in 2009?
  A.   Throat Cancer
  B.   Diabetes II
  C.   Lung Cancer
  D.   Barrett Syndrome

10. In 1997, Brian recorded "Locked and Loaded" with what other band?
  A.   Pantera
  B.   Jackyl
  C.   Motley Crue
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