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Trivia Quiz - AC/DC 101

This is a slightly harder quiz on Hall of Fame Rock and Roll band AC/DC, who have been belting out hits since the late 1970's!!

Quiz Number: 4619
Date Submitted: July 30, 2012
Quiz Categories: AC/DC
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
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ACDC 101
(Image Source: AC/DC Official Web Site)

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1. What was Bon Scott's official cause of death?
  A.   Alcohol Poisoning
  B.   Drowning
  C.   Accidental Death
  D.   Drug Overdose

2. Which AC/DC album was the soundtrack for Stephen King's movie "Maximum Overdrive"?
  A.   Fly on the Wall
  B.   The Razor's Edge
  C.   Who Made Who
  D.   Flick of the Switch

3. AC/DC was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in what year?
  A.   1985
  B.   1992
  C.   1999
  D.   2003

4. Original Bassist Mark Evans was replaced in 1977 by what other Bassist?
  A.   Ron Carpenter
  B.   Cliff Williams
  C.   Noel Taylor
  D.   Russell Coleman

5. AC DC's first single was a non-album song entitled what?
  A.   Can I Sit Next to You Girl
  B.   Ride On
  C.   She's Got Balls
  D.   Stick Around

6. Which AC/DC Album first featured Brian Johnson on lead vocals?
  A.   Let There Be Rock
  B.   Highway To Hell
  C.   Back In Black
  D.   TNT

7. Who replaced Phil Rudd on drums in 1983?
  A.   Colin Burgess
  B.   B.J. Wilson
  C.   Chris Slade
  D.   Simon Wright

8. AC/DC recorded what song for the soundtrack of Arnold Swartzanegger's movie, "Last Action Hero"?
  A.   Ballbreaker
  B.   Stiff Upper Lip
  C.   TNT
  D.   Big Gun

9. The initials AC/DC actually stand for what?
  A.   Angus Can't Dance Classic
  B.   Alternating Current-Direct Current
  C.   Anti Christ-Devil's Children
  D.   The Initials stand for nothing

10. Angus and Malcolm Young saw the initials "AC/DC" printed on a household item in their home, compelling them to name the band as such. Where did they see "AC/DC" marked?
  A.   Their Mother's Hair Dryer
  B.   Their Brother's Electric Shaver
  C.   Their Sister's Sewing Machine
  D.   Their Dad's Coffee Pot®   

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