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Trivia Quiz - AC/DC: Advanced

This is the hardest of the three quizzes on Hall of Fame Rock and Roll band AC/DC, who have been belting out hits since the late 1970's!!

Quiz Number: 4620
Date Submitted: May 15, 2015
Quiz Categories: AC/DC
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
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ACDC Advanced
(Image Source: AC/DC Official Web Site)

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1. Who is the oldest member of AC/DC?
  A.   Brian Johnson
  B.   Malcolm Young
  C.   Phil Rudd
  D.   Angus Young

2. What type of guitars does Angus play while on stage?
  A.   Gibson Les Paul
  B.   Fender Telecaster
  C.   Gibson SG
  D.   Fender Stratocaster

3. "She's Got The Jack" is about what sexually transmitted disease?
  A.   Syphilis
  B.   Gonorrhea
  C.   Herpes
  D.   VD

4. Angus & Malcolm Young and Bon Scott are all from what country?
  A.   Australia
  B.   Germany
  C.   England
  D.   Scotland

5. Angus Young dresses up like what on stage?
  A.   A newsboy
  B.   A superhero
  C.   A schoolboy
  D.   A cartoon character

6. Which AC/DC Album was the band's most successful album?
  A.   Back In Black
  B.   Highway To Hell
  C.   High Voltage
  D.   TNT

7. Before AC/DC, Malcolm was the maintenance man for what type of company?
  A.   A Soda Pop Company
  B.   A Bra Company
  C.   A Jean Company
  D.   A Beer Company

8. Which member of AC/DC was the only one born in Australia?
  A.   Cliff Williams
  B.   Bon Scott
  C.   Dave Evans
  D.   Phil Rudd

9. Who played drums for AC DC on their "Razor's Edge Album"?
  A.   Chris Slade
  B.   Simon Wright
  C.   Colin Burgess
  D.   Phil Rudd

10. AC/DC is officially known as Acca Dacca in what country?
  A.   Pakistan
  B.   Germany
  C.   Australia
  D.   Laos®   

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