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Trivia Quiz - U.S. Civil War Battles II

More questions about battles of the war that defined a nation and still resonates through the culture.

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Date Submitted: August 24, 2012
Quiz Categories: American History, American Civil War
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Author: grant228
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U.S. Civil War Battles II

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1. Which decisive Civil War battle in April 1862 saw General Johnston of the South killed and his troops vacate the field of battle to General Grant?
  A.   Nashville
  B.   Vicksburg
  C.   Roanoke Island
  D.   Shiloh

2. Which Civil War battle in March 1862 saw the first Union victory west of the Mississippi and the death of Confederate General Ben McCullough?
  A.   Pea Ridge
  B.   Antietam
  C.   Malvern Hill
  D.   Fort Donelson

3. What Civil War engagement in September 1862 saw the Confederate Army led by Thomas Jackson overwhelm a Union garrison?
  A.   Chattanooga
  B.   Harper's Ferry
  C.   Fisher's Hill
  D.   New Orleans

4. Which Civil War battle bolstered Confederacy hopes when Union forces led by Banks attacked Jackson's army in August 1862 but was forced to withdraw?
  A.   Cedar Mountain
  B.   Cedar Creek
  C.   Vicksburg
  D.   Ball's Bluff

5. Which early Civil War victory for the South in October 1861 saw the army of General Evans defeat the Union forces of General Stone?
  A.   Cold Harbour
  B.   Ball's Bluff
  C.   Bull Run (First)
  D.   Chikahominy

6. Which Confederate victory in June 1862 saw Ewell's forces mount a successful rearguard action against Fremont's army?
  A.   Fisher's Hill
  B.   Five Forks
  C.   Cross Keys
  D.   Nashville

7. Which Civil War battle in June 1864 saw Grant's forces attack Lee's entrenched army only to be routed by an overwhelming counter attack?
  A.   Cold Harbour
  B.   Bull Run (Second)
  C.   Ball's Bluff
  D.   Shiloh

8. What was the Civil War battle that saw the Union's General Sheridan and Lt-Col. George Custer defeat the forces of General Early in September 1864?
  A.   Pea Ridge
  B.   New Orleans
  C.   Opequan
  D.   Roanoke Island

9. In October 1864 which battle was the scene for the defeat of the Confederates under General Early by the army of General Sheridan?
  A.   Cross Keys
  B.   Cedar Creek
  C.   Cold Harbour
  D.   Cedar Mountain

10. Which Civil War battle saw the defeat of Pickett's forces in April 1865 resulting in Lee's withdrawal from Richmond and his eventual surrender?
  A.   Gettysburg
  B.   Chickamauga
  C.   Cross Keys
  D.   Five Forks®   

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