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Trivia Quiz - Mark Walhberg

This is a quiz on former Rapper and current Actor/Producer Mark Wahlberg.

Quiz Number: 4716
Date Submitted: October 03, 2012
Quiz Categories: Movies
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
Average Score: 75.2 percent
Times Taken: 27 times
Taken by Registered Users: 2
Quiz is about: Mark Wahlberg

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Mark Walhberg
(Image Source: Mark Wahlberg @ AskMen)

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1. As a Rapper, Mark was known by what name?
  A.   DJ Marky
  B.   Monk D
  C.   Wally Wall
  D.   Marky Mark

2. What was the name of Mark's back-up group when he was a Rapper?
  A.   The Bergs
  B.   The Funky Bunch
  C.   The Markquees
  D.   The Boys

3. What Boy Band was Mark a part of with his brother Donnie?
  B.   98 Degrees
  C.   New Kids On The Block
  D.   The Backstreet Boys

4. What was the name of Mark's only song to hit #1 in the United States?
  A.   Good Vibrations
  B.   Wildside
  C.   Hey DJ
  D.   You Gotta Believe

5. Mark modeled underwear for what company?
  A.   Jockey
  B.   Calvin Klein
  C.   Hanes
  D.   Fruit of the Loom

6. Mark made his Big Screen debut in what movie with Danny Devito?
  A.   The Big Hit
  B.   Boogie Nights
  C.   Renaissance Man
  D.   Traveller

7. What Child Actress did Mark date in the early 90's?
  A.   Soleil Moon Frye
  B.   Dana Plato
  C.   Justine Bateman
  D.   Shannen Doherty

8. Mark first played the role of a villain in what movie?
  A.   The Corruptor
  B.   The Italian Job
  C.   The Shooter
  D.   Fear

9. In 2008, Mark was nominated for what Award for the movies The Happening and Max Payne?
  A.   Best Actor
  B.   Best Supporting Actor
  C.   The Razzle Award
  D.   A Golden Globe Award

10. What state was Mark born in?
  A.   Pennsylvania
  B.   Massachusetts
  C.   New Jersey
  D.   New York®   

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