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Trivia Quiz - North Carolina Tar Heels Football History & Facts

What do you know about North Carolina Tar Heels Football History & Facts?

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Date Submitted: October 21, 2012
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North Carolina Tar Heels Football History  Facts
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1. Two of the official colors of the North Carolina Tar Heels are navy blue and white. What is the other color?
  A.   Powder blue
  B.   Baby blue
  C.   Catalina blue
  D.   Carolina blue

2. Four ACC universities are part of an annual football rivalry known as "Tobacco Road." One of them is North Carolina. Which of the following is not another one of the four?
  A.   Duke Blue Devils
  B.   North Carolina State Wolfpack
  C.   Virginia Tech Yellow Jackets
  D.   Wake Forest Demon Deacons

3. The 1997-98 North Carolina Tar Heels football team had a record of 11-1. What was the only team that beat the Tar Heels during that season?
  A.   Florida State Seminoles
  B.   Clemson Tigers
  C.   North Carolina State Wolfpack
  D.   Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

4. What is the mascot of the North Carolina Tar Heels?
  A.   Tartar
  B.   Rameses
  C.   Heel Boy
  D.   Joe

5. Which of the following is a North Carolina Tar Heel fight song?
  A.   I'm a Tar Heel Born
  B.   Here Comes Carolina
  C.   Loves Those Heels!
  D.   both a and b

6. Brandon Tate, Jesse Holley and Hakeem Nicks were all Tar Heels that eventually played in the NFL. What position did they play?
  A.   running back
  B.   center
  C.   safety
  D.   wide receiver

7. What rival do the North Carolina Tar Heels play for the rights to the Victory Bell?
  A.   North Carolina State Wolfpack
  B.   Duke Blue Devils
  C.   South Carolina Gamecocks
  D.   Virginia Tech Hokies

8. Who was the first Tar Heel head football coach to win 70 games in his career?
  A.   Bill Dooley
  B.   Mack Brown
  C.   Dick Crum
  D.   Carl Torbush

9. What is the name of the North Carolina Tar Heel alma mater?
  A.   Hark The Sound
  B.   Hail UNC
  C.   Tar Heel Hymn
  D.   Hail to the Heels

10. Tar Heel wide receiver Quinton Coples was drafted in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. What team drafted him?
  A.   New York Giants
  B.   New York Jets
  C.   Dallas Cowboys
  D.   Minnesota Vikings®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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