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Trivia Quiz - Virginia Cavaliers Football History & Facts

What do you know about Virginia Cavaliers Football History & Facts?

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Date Submitted: October 29, 2012
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Virginia Cavaliers Football History  Facts
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1. What are the official team colors of the Virginia Cavaliers?
  A.   black and blue
  B.   blue and orange
  C.   orange and green
  D.   silver and cream

2. Against what rival does the Virginia Cavalier football team do battle with for the rights to the Commonwealth Cup?
  A.   Virginia Tech Hokies
  B.   North Carolina State Wolfpack
  C.   Maryland Terrapins
  D.   Duke Blue Devils

3. Who was the first Virginia Cavalier head football coach to record over 100 career victories?
  A.   Al Groh
  B.   George Welsh
  C.   Dick Bestwick
  D.   Frank J. Murray

4. What is the official mascot of the Virginia Cavaliers?
  A.   Cary
  B.   Cricky
  C.   Pete
  D.   Cavalier (Cavman)

5. In 2002 and 2003, the Virginia Cavaliers won the same bowl game. Which bowl was it?
  A.   Oahu Bowl
  B.   MPC Computers Bowl
  C.   Music City Bowl
  D.   Continental Tire Bowl

6. Against what rival do the Virginia Cavaliers football team do battle with in a game known as the "South's Oldest Rivalry"?
  A.   South Carolina Gamecocks
  B.   Florida Gators
  C.   North Carolina State Wolfpack
  D.   North Carolina Tar Heels

7. What is the name of the Virginia Cavaliers' marching band?
  A.   Cavalier Pride
  B.   Cavalier Marching Band
  C.   Spirit of Virginia
  D.   Million Dollar Band

8. From 1960-1989, a certain ACC team had beaten the Virginia Cavaliers football team in an amazing 29 straight contests. What team was it?
  A.   Florida State Seminoles
  B.   Auburn Tigers
  C.   North Carolina Tar Heels
  D.   Clemson Tigers

9. Ronde Barber, Chris Cook, and Ras-I Dowling are all Virginia Cavalier players who eventually played in the NFL. What position did they play?
  A.   quarterback
  B.   running back
  C.   cornerback
  D.   linebacker

10. Tiki Barber was a Virginia Cavalier running back who played his entire NFL career with what team?
  A.   New England Patriots
  B.   New York Jets
  C.   New York Giants
  D.   Washington Redskins®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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