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Trivia Quiz - Australian T.V. Trivia

Ten trivia questions on some of the minutae of Australian T.V.

Quiz Number: 4806
Date Submitted: November 03, 2012
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Australian T.V. Trivia

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1. Which actor in "Sea Change" had the same name as an Australian Prime Minister?
  A.   John Howard
  B.   John Gorton
  C.   Robert Menzies
  D.   John Curtin

2. Which actress played Jodi McLeod in "McLeod’s Daughters"?
  A.   Bridie Carter
  B.   Jessica Napier
  C.   Rachael Carpani
  D.   Sonia Todd

3. Who of the following has not been a host of "Media Watch"?
  A.   David Marr
  B.   Stuart Littlemore
  C.   Paul Barry
  D.   Tony Jones

4. In "Summer Heights High" what is the name of Mr G’s dog?
  A.   Celine
  B.   Whitney
  C.   Madonna
  D.   Christina

5. What is the name of the opening theme for "Bondi Vet"?
  A.   Coming Home
  B.   A Friend in Need
  C.   You'll Always Have a Friend
  D.   Home is Where the Heart Is

6. Who of the following was not a hostess on "Sale of the Century"?
  A.   Delvene Delaney
  B.   Nikki Buckley
  C.   Livinia Nixon
  D.   Alyce Platt

7. A send-up of which American singing group was the subject of a racist complaint about the Red Faces segment on "Hey, Hey It's Saturday"?
  A.   Jackson Five
  B.   The Supremes
  C.   The Platters
  D.   The Ink Spots

8. Who of the following has not appeared on "Home and Away"?
  A.   Guy Pearce
  B.   Naomi Watts
  C.   Julian McMahon
  D.   Hugh Jackman

9. Which politician did Reg Reagan hug and almost kiss?
  A.   Julie Bishop
  B.   Mark Latham
  C.   Julia Gillard
  D.   John Howard

10. What is the name of the weatherman on “Frontline”?
  A.   George Fraser
  B.   Glenn Stevens
  C.   Geoffrey Salter
  D.   Graham Jones®   

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