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Trivia Quiz - Famous People Named Phil

Here's a quiz on famous people named Phil. How many do you know?

Quiz Number: 4852
Date Submitted: December 07, 2012
Quiz Categories: Various
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
Average Score: 67.1 percent
Times Taken: 52 times
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Famous People Named Phil

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1. This Media personality from Ohio had his own Talk Show from 1970 to 1996.
  A.   Phil Valentine
  B.   Phil Silvers
  C.   Phil Donahue
  D.   Dr. Phil McGraw

2. This NBA Head Coach has coached his teams to 11 NBA Championships.
  A.   Phil Ford
  B.   Phil Jackson
  C.   Phil Johnson
  D.   Phil "Red" Auerbach

3. This musician named Phil began as a drummer for the band Genesis.
  A.   Phil Coulter
  B.   Phil Vasser
  C.   Phil Ochs
  D.   Phil Collins

4. This Phil has won 4 Major PGA Championships.
  A.   Phil Mickelson
  B.   Phil Reich
  C.   Phil Rogers
  D.   Phil "Fuzzy" Zoeller

5. This comedian, known as "The King of Chutzpah," was also known for his role as Sergeant Ernest G. Bilko.
  A.   Phil Kay
  B.   Phil Silvers
  C.   Phil Hartman
  D.   Phil Clarke

6. This former Saturday Night Live comedian was shot and killed by his wife while he was asleep in his bed.
  A.   Phil Hartman
  B.   Phil Kay
  C.   Phil Silvers
  D.   Phil Clarke

7. This poker Phil has won a record 13 WSOP Bracelets.
  A.   Phil Ivey
  B.   Phil Gordon
  C.   Phil Laak
  D.   Phil Hellmuth

8. This former NFL Quarterback won 2 Super Bowl Titles with the New York Giants.
  A.   Phil McConkey
  B.   Phil Rivers
  C.   Phil Simms
  D.   Phil McClusky

9. This Phil is in the National Hockey League Hall of Fame.
  A.   Phil Rizzuto
  B.   Phil Esposito
  C.   Phil Gretzky
  D.   Phil Laak

10. This Phil spent his entire 13 year Major League Baseball career playing shortstop for the New York Yankees.
  A.   Phil Rizzuto
  B.   Phil Esposito
  C.   Phil Garner
  D.   Phil Neikro®   

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