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Trivia Quiz - Jerry Garcia- Music Icon

How much do you know about the famous musician?

Quiz Number: 4891
Date Submitted: December 23, 2012
Quiz Categories: Rock Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
Average Score: 70.1 percent
Times Taken: 124 times
Taken by Registered Users: 2
Quiz is about: Jerry Garcia

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1. Jerry was a member of what band for it's entire 30 year run?
  A.   The Grateful Dead
  B.   Grand Funk Railroad
  C.   The Doors
  D.   The Who

2. What instrument did Jerry play for the above mentioned band?
  A.   Drums
  B.   Bass Guitar
  C.   Keyboards
  D.   Lead Guitar

3. Where was Jerry at when he passed away from a heart attack in 1995?
  A.   L.A. County Jail
  B.   In a California Hospital
  C.   Drug Rehabilitation Center in California
  D.   On stage at a concert in California

4. What instrument did Jerry's mom trade at a pawn shop to get Jerry his first guitar?
  A.   Saxophone
  B.   Accordian
  C.   Drum Kit
  D.   Piano

5. Jerry joined the Army in 1960 as punishment for what?
  A.   Armed Robbery
  B.   Drug Possession
  C.   Assault and Battery
  D.   Stealing his mother's car

6. Jerry had to relearn to do what following a 5 day diabetic coma in 1986?
  A.   To read
  B.   To play Guitar
  C.   To write
  D.   To walk

7. Per Jerry's wishes, he was cremated and had half his ashes poured into the San Francisco Bay and the other half poured where?
  A.   Ganges River in India
  B.   Mississippi River
  C.   The Nile
  D.   The Amazon

8. Jerry had four custom built guitars made by Doug Irwin, each with their own specific name. Which of the following was not a name for one of his Irwin custom built guitars?
  A.   Eagle
  B.   Wolf
  C.   Bear
  D.   Tiger

9. What kind of lessons did Jerry take for much of his childhood?
  A.   Karate Lessons
  B.   Piano Lessons
  C.   Ballet Lessons
  D.   Voice Lessons

10. Which album was the band's best selling studio album?
  A.   Without a Net
  B.   Shakedown Street
  C.   Dylan & the Dead
  D.   In The Dark®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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