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Trivia Quiz - Blind Musicians

How many blind musicians do you know? I'll simply describe one of the many people who refuse to let a handicap stop them from their dreams and you tell me the musician.

Quiz Number: 4982
Date Submitted: February 20, 2013
Quiz Categories: Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Blind Musicians
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1. Who was the multi-instrumentalist and child prodigy that signed with Motown Records at the age of 11 and gave us such hits as "Superstition" and "You Are the Sunshine of My Life"?
  A.   Clarence Carter
  B.   Ray Charles
  C.   Smokey Robinson
  D.   Stevie Wonder

2. What country star of the 1960's and 1970's had a movie made about his life starring Jamie Foxx and gave us such hits as "Georgia on my Mind" and "Hit the Road Jack"?
  A.   Ray Charles
  B.   Ronnie Milsap
  C.   Roy Orbison
  D.   Jeff Healey

3. What country music star of the 1970's and 1980's gave us such hits as "There's no Gettin' Over Me" and "Lost in the Fifties Tonight"?
  A.   Blind Willie Johnson
  B.   Ronnie Milsap
  C.   Al Hibbler
  D.   Ray Charles

4. Who is the blind Canadian musician that gave us the songs "Angel Eyes" and "See The Light"?
  A.   Terri Gibbs
  B.   Clarence Carter
  C.   Jeff Healey
  D.   Roy Orbison

5. Who is the Italian Opera singer that's sold over 80 million records worldwide and is recognized as being the biggest-selling artist in the history of classical music?
  A.   Jose Feliciano
  B.   Andrea Bocelli
  C.   Liberace
  D.   Julio Igleasias

6. What blind musician is widely considered as the best Jazz Pianist of all time?
  A.   Art Tatum
  B.   Al Hibbler
  C.   Ray Charles
  D.   Stevie Wonder

7. What Folk and Bluegrass musician's flatpicking skills and knowledge of traditional American music are highly regarded by musicians everywhere?
  A.   Blind Willie Mc Tell
  B.   Earl Scruggs
  C.   Doc Watson
  D.   Moondog

8. What blind singer/ songwriter gave us the songs "Strokin' ", "Patches", and "Back Door Santa"?
  A.   Jeff Healey
  B.   Blind Willie Johnson
  C.   Al Hibbler
  D.   Clarence Carter

9. What female country artist of the 1980's gave us the hit song "Somebody's Knockin'"?
  A.   Terri Gibbs
  B.   Alannah Myles
  C.   Tierra
  D.   Leslie Pearl

10. What Pop/ Rhythm and Blues singer that once sang with Duke Ellington's Orchestra gave us the hits "Danny Boy" and "Unchained Melody"?
  A.   Roy Orbison
  B.   Stevie Wonder
  C.   Al Hibbler
  D.   Clarence Carter®   

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