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Trivia Quiz - Cheap Trick

Put on your bow tie and tight sweater and take this trivia quiz about the history, facts, players and music of the rock band, Cheap Trick!

Quiz Number: 5009
Date Submitted: March 23, 2013
Quiz Categories: Rock Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Cheap Trick
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1. Rick Nielsen, the guitarist for Cheap Trick always wears what type of hat on stage?
  A.   beaver hat
  B.   ball cap
  C.   beret
  D.   Panama straw hat

2. Cheap Trick's drummer's first name is the same as a type of food. What is it?
  A.   Bun
  B.   Bisquit
  C.   Donut
  D.   Croissant

3. Cheap Trick was founded in what American city?
  A.   Kalamazoo, MI
  B.   Bloomington, IN
  C.   Ames, IA
  D.   Rockford, IL

4. Cheap Trick's most popular live album of all time was recorded in Japan, the title of which is:
  A.   Cheap Trick at Kyoto
  B.   Cheap Trick at Osaka
  C.   Cheap Trick at Toyko
  D.   Cheap Trick at Budokan

5. What is the name of Cheap Trick's original bass player?
  A.   Magic Cristian
  B.   Jon Brant
  C.   Tom Petersson
  D.   Pete Comita

6. In what country are Cheap Trick often referred to as the "American Beatles"?
  A.   Mexico
  B.   Britain
  C.   Japan
  D.   Germany

7. Cheap Trick's first studio album was called "Cheap Trick," released in 1977. What is the name of their second album, released in the same year?
  A.   In Color
  B.   Dream Police
  C.   Heaven Tonight
  D.   All Shook Up

8. Complete the name of this Cheap Trick song: "I Want You to Want____"
  A.   Me
  B.   Him
  C.   Somebody
  D.   My Dog

9. Robin Zander is the vocalist for Cheap Trick but also plays what instrument for the band?
  A.   saxaphone
  B.   keyboards
  C.   lead guitar
  D.   rhythm guitar

10. In October 2007, the Illinois Senate passed a resolution designating a certain day of the year as Cheap Trick Day in the state. What day is it?
  A.   February 1
  B.   April 1
  C.   June 1
  D.   September 1®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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