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Trivia Quiz - Caligula - Debauched and Demented

A quiz on life of Caligula, the Roman emperor whose madness has become legend.

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Date Submitted: April 06, 2013
Quiz Categories: Ancient History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Gaius Germanicus

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Caligula  Debauched and Demented
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1. Why was Gaius Caesar known as Caligula?
  A.   It was a name bestowed by his doting mother.
  B.   He gave himself this name which means "without peer".
  C.   From the miniature army boots he wore as a boy.
  D.   It derived from his birthplace - Caligulia.

2. Caligula was the great-grandson of which famous emperor?
  A.   Augustus Caesar
  B.   Julius Caesar
  C.   Nero
  D.   Tiberius

3. At the age of 19 where did Caligula go to live - a place that saw his evil character develop?
  A.   Naples
  B.   Gaul
  C.   Sicily
  D.   Isle of Capri

4. Caligula became emperor following the death of Tiberius. It is thought Caligula brought about this death by....?
  A.   serving him poisonous mushrooms.
  B.   sending an assassin to kill him.
  C.   planting a venomous snake in his bed.
  D.   smothering him with a pillow.

5. Tiberius had willed Caligula should rule jointly with his cousin, Tiberius Gemellus. What happened to Gemellus within months of them taking power?
  A.   He fled to Athens, concerned for his safety.
  B.   Caligula had him murdered.
  C.   He was killed leading his army in battle.
  D.   He disappeared, never to be seen again.

6. What honor did Caligula bestow on his horse, Incitatus?
  A.   He made him a god
  B.   Leadership of a legion
  C.   consulship
  D.   Prized place in his bed

7. Believing himself to be divine, what did Caligula do to reinforce this in the minds of the populace?
  A.   He renamed Mt Olympus after him.
  B.   He renamed Zeus "Caligula".
  C.   He wrote a play in which he was a god, visiting Rome for the benefit of all.
  D.   He had the heads of statues of Olympian gods replaced with images of him.

8. Caligula made his sister, Drusilla pregnant. What action did he take soon after?
  A.   In his impatience to see the child, he ripped it from her womb.
  B.   He declared Drusilla a demon and had her executed.
  C.   He consigned Drusilla and their child to an asylum.
  D.   He made a cousin admit to fathering the child and had him and Drusilla drowned in a vat of wine.

9. How did Caligula meet his end?
  A.   He was stabbed by senators while visiting the forum.
  B.   He was assassinated by the Praetorian Guard.
  C.   He was poisoned by his wife and died in his sleep.
  D.   He was killed by his Germanic Guard.

10. Who succeeded Caligula as emperor?
  A.   No-one. Rome reverted to a republic.
  B.   Constantine
  C.   Claudius
  D.   Hadrian®   

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