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Trivia Quiz - The Trailer Park Boys: Part 1

How much do you know about the Canadian cable TV comedy Trailer Park Boys? Let's find out, eh? Try your luck by taking this trivia quiz!

Quiz Number: 5032
Date Submitted: April 23, 2013
Quiz Categories: TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
Average Score: 88.5 percent
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The Trailer Park Boys Part 1
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1. What is the name of the trailer park where Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles lived during the series?
  A.   Great Northern Trailer Park
  B.   Sunnyvale Trailer Park
  C.   Jim's Trailer Park
  D.   Lahey Acres

2. What drink could almost always be seen carried by Julian?
  A.   Mountain Dew
  B.   Moosehead Beer
  C.   Rum and coke on ice
  D.   Bottled water

3. What was Jim Lahey's occupation prior to becoming manager of the trailer park?
  A.   Police officer
  B.   Firefighter
  C.   Bartender
  D.   Teacher

4. Which of the Trailer Park Boys lives in his car, a 1975 Chrysler New Yorker called the sh*tmobile?
  A.   Ricky
  B.   Julian
  C.   Bubbles
  D.   Randy

5. Julian is seen with a different car in almost every season of the show. Which of the following cars has he NOT owned?
  A.   Ford Mustang convertible
  B.   Chevrolet Monte Carlo
  C.   DeLorean
  D.   Corvette

6. What was the name of Bubbles' puppet who had an obnoxious personality?
  A.   Randy
  B.   Trevor
  C.   Conky
  D.   Trinity

7. The boys were involved in a number of petty crimes during the series run. Which one of these criminal offenses did they NOT commit?
  A.   Selling marijuana
  B.   Stealing barbecue grills
  C.   Auto theft
  D.   drive by shooting

8. Randy, the assistant trailer park supervisor, was instantly recognizable for what reason?
  A.   He had a mohawk haircut
  B.   He never wore a shirt
  C.   He wore glasses with thick "pop bottle" lenses
  D.   He had a handlebar mustache.

9. Which of the following Canadian musicians was kidnapped in an episode of The Trailer Park Boys?
  A.   Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies
  B.   Randy Bachmann of Bachmann-Turner Overdrive
  C.   Alex Lifeson of Rush
  D.   Anne Murray

10. Although not particularly bright otherwise, Ricky was particularly skilled in what area?
  A.   Fixing cars
  B.   Growing marijuana
  C.   Rapping
  D.   Writing songs®   

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