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Trivia Quiz - John Mayer: Born & Raised

John Mayer is perhaps as well-known for his personal life as for his incredible guitar playing and songwriting skills. This quiz is about his life and career.

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Date Submitted: April 27, 2013
Quiz Categories: Pop Music, Singers, Rock Music, Jazz Rock
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Quiz is about: John Mayer

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John Mayer Born  Raised
(Image Source: John Mayer @ Credit: Chris Hatcher)

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1. John grew up in what city and state?
  A.   South Bend, Indiana
  B.   Newport, Rhode Island
  C.   Fairfield, Connecticut
  D.   Nashua, New Hampshire

2. What college did John attend briefly before dropping out to start his musical career?
  A.   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  B.   Berklee School of Music
  C.   New York School for the Performing Arts
  D.   Columbia University

3. John won his first Grammy for Pop Vocal Performance by a Male in 2003 for what song?
  A.   Daughters
  B.   Waiting for the World to Change
  C.   Gravity
  D.   Your Body is a Wonderland

4. Which of John's albums won a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal album in 2005?
  A.   Born & Raised
  B.   Continuum
  C.   Heavier Things
  D.   Battle Studies

5. John is fluent in what second language?
  A.   Spanish
  B.   Japanese
  C.   French
  D.   Swahili

6. Which song from John's album Born & Raised is considered to be an apology of sorts for some comments he made about his relationship with actress Jennifer Anniston in a 2010 Playboy interview?
  A.   Speak for Me
  B.   Born and Raised
  C.   Shadow Days
  D.   The Age of Worry

7. John's charitable work includes all but which of the following?
  A.   A free concert for the victims of the 2007 Virginia Tech masscare.
  B.   Establishing the Back to You Foundation which raises funds for healthcare, the arts, and education.
  C.   Volnteer work for members of the Armed Forces and their families.
  D.   Headlining a fundraising concert for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

8. John is an avid collector of what?
  A.   Guitars
  B.   Timepieces
  C.   Cars
  D.   Motorcycles

9. What was John's first number one single?
  A.   Daughters
  B.   Your Body is a Wonderland
  C.   Why Georgia
  D.   Waiting for the World to Change

10. Although John is known by the nickname "Slowhand Jr.", an obvious reference to Eric Clapton, who has he cited as the greatest influence on his playing style?
  A.   Django Reinhardt
  B.   Stevie Ray Vaughan
  C.   Jeff Beck
  D.   Duane Allman®   

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