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Trivia Quiz - College Baseball Basics

There are some differences between college baseball and MLB. What do you know about college baseball trivia, history and its players?

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Date Submitted: July 22, 2013
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College Baseball Basics
(Image Source: NCAA Baseball)

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1. The College World Series for Division I is always played in what city?
  A.   Springfield, IL
  B.   Dallas, TX
  C.   Wichita, KS
  D.   Omaha, NE

2. The finalists the College World Series play a series of games to determine the champion. How many games do they play?
  A.   best of three
  B.   best of five
  C.   best of seven
  D.   None of the above

3. How many innings does a college baseball game last?
  A.   6 innings
  B.   7 innings
  C.   8 innings
  D.   9 innings

4. One difference in college baseball versus MLB is the use of metal bats in college. In what decade was the metal bat first allowed in college baseball?
  A.   1960s
  B.   1970s
  C.   1980s
  D.   1990s

5. The Oregon State Beavers won back-to-back NCAA baseball championships in 2006 & 2007. This motivated what rival university to reinstate its baseball program?
  A.   Oregon Ducks
  B.   Stanford Cardinal
  C.   Washington Huskies
  D.   Washington State Cougars

6. What award is given to the college catcher of the year, as determined by selected sportscasters, sportswriters, Division I head coaches and professional scouts?
  A.   Carlton Fisk Award
  B.   Yogi Berra Award
  C.   Bill Freehan Award
  D.   Johnny Bench Award

7. Who was the first college baseball player to hit 100 home runs during his college career?
  A.   Troy Glaus
  B.   Mark McGwire
  C.   Pete Incaviglia
  D.   J. D. Drew

8. In college baseball, a player may serve as both designated hitter and what position?
  A.   outfielder
  B.   catcher
  C.   pitcher
  D.   third base

9. In college baseball, a mercy rule may be in use, which terminates play when one team is ahead by 10 or more runs after how many innings of play?
  A.   five
  B.   six
  C.   seven
  D.   eight

10. What Oklahoma State Cowboy baseball player set the NCAA Division I record of consecutive game hitting at 58 in 1987?
  A.   Pete Incaviglia
  B.   Robin Ventura
  C.   Doug Dascenzo
  D.   Mickey Tettleton®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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