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Trivia Quiz - Heteronyms or Homographs II

Another easy quiz for kids to highlight the tricks of our language. Each question requires one word to fill its gaps. It's the same word pronounced differently.

Quiz Number: 5120
Date Submitted: September 21, 2013
Quiz Categories: Various
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Heteronyms or Homographs II

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1. The bandage was ________ around the ________ on his arm.
  A.   bound
  B.   tight
  C.   wound
  D.   sewn

2. The boatmen had a _________ over who was to __________ the boat.
  A.   fight
  B.   tear
  C.   record
  D.   row

3. The pieces were in a massive jumble so we had to ___________ them into _____________ piles.
  A.   sort
  B.   divide
  C.   separate
  D.   place

4. I had to count ____________ after __________ which made my head go _______________.
  A.   number
  B.   time
  C.   round
  D.   crazy

5. A person who likes to cause trouble and __________ is called a ____________.
  A.   strife
  B.   unrest
  C.   distress
  D.   rebel

6. We built a lovely new __________ to _________ the poor family.
  A.   shed
  B.   house
  C.   record
  D.   assist

7. After I found the _____________ I was looking for in the book, I was satisfied or _______________.
  A.   informed
  B.   facts
  C.   content
  D.   data

8. A ____________is a small or ____________ amount of time.
  A.   minute
  B.   second
  C.   year
  D.   pause

9. The attorney tried to ______________ the thief and turn him into a ______________.
  A.   arrest
  B.   try
  C.   convict
  D.   record

10. You can _______________ your audience if you make a grand _______________.
  A.   astound
  B.   mesmerize
  C.   astonish
  D.   entrance®   

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