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Trivia Quiz - Rod Laver - Tennis Immortal

A quiz on the tennis trail-blazer who made professional tennis what it is.

Quiz Number: 5129
Date Submitted: October 03, 2013
Quiz Categories: Sports, Tennis
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Rod Laver  Tennis Immortal

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1. "Rocket" Rod Laver achieved his nickname from what Queensland town in which he was born in 1938?
  A.   Rocky River
  B.   Rockingham
  C.   Rockhampton
  D.   Rocky Island

2. In 1956, Rod Laver achieved his first international success capturing what country's junior championship?
  A.   USA
  B.   England
  C.   France
  D.   New Zealand

3. In Rod Laver's illustrious career, what Grand Slam event did he win most?
  A.   Australian Open
  B.   Wimbledon
  C.   U S Open
  D.   French Open

4. What player had the best head-to-head result against Rod Laver?
  A.   Lew Hoad
  B.   Roy Emerson
  C.   Ken Rosewall
  D.   Arthur Ashe

5. Rod Laver is the only tennis player to win the Grand Slam twice. What years did he achieve this?
  A.   1964 & 1970
  B.   1962 & 1968
  C.   1962 & 1969
  D.   1964 & 1868

6. What record does Rod Laver hold that no Australian male tennis player has matched?
  A.   He won more Australian Open titles than any other.
  B.   He never played in a losing Davis Cup team.
  C.   He won more US Open titles than any other.
  D.   All of the above

7. What award has not been bestowed on Rod Laver?
  A.   Knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II
  B.   Induction into the International Tennis Hall of Fame
  C.   A postage stamp with his image on it
  D.   Recipient of the Australian Sports Medal

8. On what playing surface did Rod Laver win most of his Grand Slam titles?
  A.   grass
  B.   clay
  C.   hardcourt
  D.   wood/parquetry

9. In what Australian city will you find the Rod Laver Arena on which the Australian Open is played?
  A.   Melbourne
  B.   Sydney
  C.   Brisbane
  D.   Perth

10. With which 21st century champion tennis player has Rod Laver developed a respect and friendship?
  A.   Rafael Nadal
  B.   Andy Murray
  C.   Novak Djokovic
  D.   Roger Federer®   

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