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Trivia Quiz - Little Buddha

Little Buddha is a great film for the whole family! I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to learn more about Buddhism.

Quiz Number: 5148
Date Submitted: October 16, 2013
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Little Buddha
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1. Where was Lama Norbu's monastery?
  A.   Bhutan
  B.   India
  C.   Nepal
  D.   Tibet

2. What was given to Lama Norbu in order to aid him in his search for Lama Dorje's reincarnation?
  A.   a chess piece
  B.   Lama Dorje's bowl
  C.   a photograph of Lama Dorje's mother
  D.   Lama Dorje's shoes

3. Who were Jesse's parents?
  A.   Lisa and Conrad Evans
  B.   Lisa and Dean Evans
  C.   Lisa and Dean Conrad
  D.   Lisa and Evan Conrad

4. When was Jesse's birthday?
  A.   January 12th
  B.   July 11th
  C.   March 1st
  D.   October 23rd

5. According to Lama Norbu, "Dorje" meant what?
  A.   He who does good
  B.   lightning
  C.   teacher
  D.   thunderbolt

6. Where did Lama Norbu say he would meet Jesse and his father in Kathmandu?
  A.   Kelsang's Cafe
  B.   The Sherpa Motel
  C.   The Sherpa View Coffee Shop
  D.   the red rocks in front of the stupa

7. Raju's brother ran off with something belonging to Jesse. What was it?
  A.   baseball cap
  B.   Gameboy
  C.   sneakers
  D.   wallet

8. What component of Lama Dorje was NOT present in the three children?
  A.   his body
  B.   his mind
  C.   his soul
  D.   his speech

9. According to Lama Norbu, the most important things in life include all of the following except:
  A.   compassion for all beings
  B.   creating one's own identity
  C.   giving of oneself
  D.   passing knowledge on to others

10. Which of the following was NOT done with Lama Norbu's ashes?
  A.   Some were wrapped in a cloth and sent up with balloons.
  B.   Some floated out to sea in his bowl.
  C.   Some were scattered in the monastery garden.
  D.   Some were scattered into the wind.®   

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