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Trivia Quiz - Andrew Carnegie - Millionaire Businessman and Philanthropist

Born into humble circumstances, Andrew Carnegie became one of the world's richest men and one of the great benefactors. Ten questions on his amazing life.

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Date Submitted: November 09, 2013
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Andrew Carnegie  Millionaire Businessman and Philanthropist

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1. Living most of his life in America, in what country was Andrew Carnegie born in 1835?
  A.   Wales
  B.   Ireland
  C.   Scotland
  D.   England

2. In 1848 Carnegie and his family emigrated to settle in what U S state?
  A.   Pennsylvania
  B.   New York
  C.   New Jersey
  D.   Massachusetts

3. In what industry did Andrew Carnegie first make an impression and work his way up the corporate ladder?
  A.   merchandising
  B.   railroad
  C.   clothing
  D.   dairy foods

4. Andrew Carnegie made his fortune in the steel industry by using what technique?
  A.   the Bessemer steel making process
  B.   owning all components of the steel industry - coal, iron ore, steel plant, transport
  C.   owning shares in companies that used steel
  D.   all the above

5. Andrew Carnegie sold Carnegie Steel to the United States Steel Corporation started by which fellow tycoon?
  A.   James Duke
  B.   Cornelius Vanderbilt
  C.   Andrew Mellon
  D.   J P Morgan

6. After selling his business, Andrew Carnegie set out to use his fortune to improve the world. How many libraries around the world is he credited with establishing?
  A.   1000
  B.   2500
  C.   6000
  D.   7500

7. Which of the following philosophical stances was not one of Andrew Carnegie's?
  A.   Anti-union
  B.   Anti-royalty
  C.   Anti-religion
  D.   Anti-imperialism

8. Andrew Carnegie thought it possible to achieve what global objective?
  A.   World Bank
  B.   World Religion
  C.   World Currency
  D.   World Peace

9. In his later years Andrew Carnegie became an acclaimed writer. Which of the following did he not write?
  A.   How to Win Friends and Influence People
  B.   The Gospel of Wealth
  C.   An American Four-in-hand in Britain
  D.   Triumphant Democracy

10. Andrew Carnegie believed the future leaders of society would...
  A.   need to be the businessmen of the world
  B.   need to form a world government
  C.   rise from the ranks of the poor
  D.   need to share their power with the workers®   

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