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Trivia Quiz - The Spanish Armada

A quiz on the battle that entrenched Queen Elizabeth I's power and made her navy the ruler of the waves.

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Date Submitted: November 13, 2013
Quiz Categories: British History, Spanish History
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Author: grant228
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The Spanish Armada

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1. In what century did the Spanish Armada, sent by Phillip II, try to attack England?
  A.   14th
  B.   15th
  C.   16th
  D.   17th

2. What event was the catalyst for the Spanish Armada to attack England?
  A.   The death of Henry VIII
  B.   Francis Drake's attacks on Spanish shipping
  C.   The death of Catholic Queen Mary I
  D.   The execution of Mary, Queen of Scots

3. How many ships did Spain send to attack England?
  A.   138
  B.   205
  C.   313
  D.   455

4. The Spanish Armada's plan was to....?
  A.   sail up the Thames and take over London.
  B.   land its army on the beaches of Kent to then march to London.
  C.   destroy the English fleet at anchor in Plymouth.
  D.   destroy Liverpool and then its army would march south to London with additional arms and supplies.

5. Who was the commander of the English fleet that defeated the Spanish Armada?
  A.   Charles Howard
  B.   Francis Drake
  C.   John Hawkins
  D.   Martin Frobisher

6. After initial engagements in late July and early August, near which port did the Spanish Armada drop anchor to recuperate?
  A.   Calais
  B.   Cadiz
  C.   Le Havre
  D.   Boulogne

7. What tactic was used by the English Navy to dislodge the Spanish Armada from its resting place?
  A.   They attacked using a moonless night as cover.
  B.   Divers applied mines to five ships
  C.   They pretended to sail home but when out of sight doubled back
  D.   They sent fire ships into the port.

8. What was name of the decisive battle that destroyed a large part of the Spanish Armada?
  A.   Battle of Dover
  B.   Battle of Gravelines
  C.   Battle of Freebough
  D.   Battle of Mastmead

9. What non-combat action further weakened the remaining ships of the Spanish Armada?
  A.   An outbreak of typhoid
  B.   poorly cast guns which were dangerous to fire
  C.   The decision to return to Spain via Scotland and Ireland
  D.   A complete absence of wind

10. What factor contributed to the defeat of the Spanish Armada?
  A.   The Spanish ships were too large and cumbersome
  B.   The English ships were faster and used guns mounted on four-wheeled carriages.
  C.   An overly-elaborate plan of attack by the Spanish
  D.   all the above®   

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