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Trivia Quiz - The War: Part One

I saw this 1994 film years ago, on the recommendation of a stranger. I LOVED it! If you are a fan, take my two part quiz and see how you do!

Quiz Number: 5187
Date Submitted: November 15, 2013
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 38 percent
Times Taken: 5 times
Taken by Registered Users: 2

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The War Part One
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1. Which Creedence Clearwater Revival song is featured at the start of the film?
  A.   Born on the Bayou
  B.   Have You Ever Seen the Rain
  C.   Up Around the Bend
  D.   Who'll Stop the Rain

2. From which character's point of view is the story told?
  A.   Elvadine
  B.   Lidia
  C.   Stephen
  D.   Stu

3. According to Lidia, people in her family never seemed to say:
  A.   good-bye
  B.   hello
  C.   I love you
  D.   I'm sorry

4. In what branch of the military did Stephen serve?
  A.   Air Force
  B.   Marines
  C.   Army
  D.   Navy

5. What song did Elvadine, Lidia, and Amber sing and dance to near the Lipnicki's property?
  A.   Buttered Popcorn
  B.   Chain Reaction
  C.   Baby Love
  D.   Stop! In the name of Love

6. When Elvadine got angry with Lidia, she asked Lidia to return her:
  A.   mood ring
  B.   Puka shell necklace
  C.   silk barrette
  D.   transistor radio

7. What was Lidia's middle name?
  A.   Jane
  B.   Jean
  C.   Joan
  D.   Joanne

8. Stephen's father used to say, " Nothing you do in this lifetime:
  A.   is so bad it can't be forgiven."
  B.   is really all that important."
  C.   is going to make a difference."
  D.   will be remembered when you are gone."

9. Whose name was carved in the front porch swing of the home Stephen bid on?
  A.   Amos Griffin
  B.   Harlan Richards
  C.   Robert Doyle
  D.   Walter Crowley

10. What did Stephen call his car?
  A.   Betsy
  B.   Flossie
  C.   Jenny
  D.   Rusty®   

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