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Trivia Quiz - Smoke Signals: Part One

My daughter and I have enjoyed this poignant, yet funny film many times over the years. If you liked "Smoke Signals", take my two part quiz and see how much you remember!

Quiz Number: 5191
Date Submitted: November 20, 2013
Quiz Categories: Movies, Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Smoke Signals Part One
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1. To what tribe did Victor and Thomas belong?
  A.   Apache
  B.   Coeur d'Alene
  C.   Hopi
  D.   Odawa

2. What was the name of the street shown on the sign at the crossroads?
  A.   Benewah
  B.   Geronimo
  C.   Juniper
  D.   Tumbleweed

3. On what holiday were Thomas' parents killed in a fire?
  A.   Christmas
  B.   4th of July
  C.   Halloween
  D.   New Year's Eve

4. What were the names of Victor's parents?
  A.   Arlene and Arnold
  B.   Annette and Joseph
  C.   Annie and Lester
  D.   Philomena and Randy

5. Who was the woman that called Victor's house when his father died?
  A.   Byrd Sanger
  B.   Lizzie Bird
  C.   Sally Sun
  D.   Suzy Song

6. Cathy, the girl on the bus, claimed to have been an Olympic alternate in what sport?
  A.   basketball
  B.   figure skating
  C.   gymnastics
  D.   swimming

7. What did Victor and Thomas sing about on the bus?
  A.   Custer playing basketball
  B.   fathers and sons
  C.   John Wayne's teeth
  D.   what it means to be a warrior

8. According to Thomas, sometimes it's a good day to die; sometimes it's a good day to:
  A.   be alive
  B.   face your past
  C.   have breakfast
  D.   remember others who have died

9. According to Victor, an Indian man is nothing without:
  A.   an education
  B.   his family
  C.   his hair
  D.   a woman

10. When Thomas changed out of his suit, he put on a T-shirt that said:
  A.   Custer Had It Coming
  B.   Frybread Power
  C.   Illegal Immigration Started in 1492
  D.   Native American Defense Force®   

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